What is French for lion?

How do we call Lion in French?

More French words for lion. le lion noun. lion. le lion.

What does Zozo mean in French?

Adjective. zozo (plural zozos) stupid Synonyms: bête, niais.

What does Zizi mean in France?

zizi → willy, pee-pee, doodle, wee-wee, winkle.

Is Lion French r6?

For the French player, see Lion (French player). Olivier “Lion” Flament is an attacking operator featured in the Operation Chimera expansion for Rainbow Six Siege.

What is French for crocodile?

crocodile. More French words for crocodile. le crocodile noun. crocodile. le rang par deux noun.

Is Glace masculine or feminine?

5 – French Nouns Ending in ale, cé, be, fe, and ace are Feminine. Nouns ending in ale, cé, be, fe, and ace are typically feminine, but not that numerous in French. ace as in la glace (ice cream), la face (front).

How do you say lioness in other languages?

In other languages lioness

  1. American English: lioness /ˈlaɪənɪs/
  2. Arabic: لَبْوَةٌ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: leoa.
  4. Chinese: 雌狮
  5. Croatian: lavica.
  6. Czech: lvice.
  7. Danish: løvinde.
  8. Dutch: leeuwin.

What is the Sanskrit word for lioness?

lioness Selected. कौदालिक (kaudAlika) lion-like (lion-like) कौदालिकः (kaudAlikaH)

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What does Zo mean in Creole?

Etymology. “Zoe'” is the anglicized variant of the word zo, Haitian Creole for “bone”, as members were known to be “hard to the bone.” When conflicts against Haitians arose, the pound would be sought out to retaliate; thus, the street gang name, “Zoe Pound”, was born.

What does Zozo mean in South Africa?

From Zozo, the registered trade name of a company supplying prefabricated parts for small ‘do it yourself’ houses. … The proprietary name of a particular make of prefabricated building; also (especially in township English) applied loosely to any prefabricated or temporary building, especially a small one.

What is Zozo in Japan?

https://zozo.jp/ The largest fashion online shopping website in Japan. Over 1,500 stores offering more than 8,400 brands. At any given time, more than 830,000 items are available for purchase, in addition of more than 2,900 new items (average) per day.

What does Zizi mean in Arabic?

Zizi is Arabic/Muslim Girl name and meaning of this name is “Dedicated to God”.