What is CDI in French schools?

CDI: Short for “Centre de Documentation et d’Information”, a place in school where students can use computers, read magazines, newspapers and get general information for their studies.

What is EPS in French schools?

Physical education

  • l’EPS (éducation physique et sportive) physical educaion (PE)
  • la gymnastique gymnastics.

What subject is SVT in French?

“SVT stands for “Sciences de la vie et de la Terre” (= science of life and the Earth) and is a subject taught starting in the last 2 years of French primary schools.

What is TNI French?

TNI. Tourisme News International (French: Tourism News International; UK; est.

What does CDD mean in French?

CDD – contrat à durée déterminée

A CDD, contrat à durée déterminée, is a time-limited work contract. It can only be used for certain temporary jobs specified by law, which can be full-time or part-time.

What does CDD stand for in French?

The CDD is a “Contract Duration Determinée” – a fixed-term contract, or temporary employee contract. These are the two main types of contract but by no means the only form of French employment contract.

How do you spell math in French?

For anyone who is wondering, the French word for maths is mathématiques.

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What are the school subjects in French?

How do you say the school subjects in French?

  • le français (m) = French.
  • l’anglais (m) = English.
  • les sciences (f) =science.
  • les mathématiques / les maths = mathematics/maths.
  • la musique (f) = music.
  • l’éducation physique (f) = physical education.
  • l’histoire (f) = history.
  • la géographie / la géo (f) = geography.

How do you say I like physical education in French?

J’adore l’éducation physique. I love physical education.

What does SVT stand for?

Overview. Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) is as an abnormally fast or erratic heartbeat that affects the heart’s upper chambers. An abnormal heartbeat is called an arrhythmia.