What is a distinction in France?

[dɪˈstɪŋkʃən ] (= differentiation) distinction f. (= difference) différence f.

What is considered a good grade in France?

But also in some circumstances a 12 could also be considered as an excellent grade.

Main Disciplines.

Grades Description Comments
16-18 Very good Exceptional performance
18 and above Excellent Exceptional performance

Is a 70 a distinction?

The state of New South Wales is a popular study destination in Australia.

Honors Degree Grading.

Grade Grade Name Percentage (%)
H2A Second Class Honours – A Division 74 to 79
H2B Second Class Honours – B Division 70 to 74
H3 Third Class Honours 65 to 69
P Pass 50 to 64

What is an A in France?

A+ B. 14.00 – 15.99. Bien (Good – High Honors)

What are grades out of in France?

The French Grading System

In France, grades are out of 20. Ten out of 20, called “la moyenne”, is a passing grade. Yet contrary to the United States, where 50% is a low F, the moyenne is actually a relatively good grade.

What are grades called in France?

The grades are named: CP (cours préparatoire), CE1 (cours élémentaire 1), CE2 (cours élémentaire 2), CM1 (cours moyen 1) and CM2 (cours moyen 2).

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Is 80% a distinction?

HD (High Distinction, not high definition), which means 85% or above. D (Distinction; stop giggling), which means 75 to 84% Cr (Credit), equal to 65 to 74%

Is Distinction an A?

A grade 8 is slightly below an A*, whereas a grade 9 is above. This means that an A and A* are both considered a distinction grade.

Is 71 percent a distinction?

Generally, at the school level percentages of 75-85 are considered average while above 95 is exceptional. At the university level however percentages between 60-79 are considered excellent and are quite difficult to obtain. … In a university with a 90% plus for Distinction, 60% may be the minimum passing mark.

What is 7th grade in French?

In France, seventh grade is called 5ème (5 years before Terminale, where most students take the Baccalauréat). 5ème is the second year of French secondary school, which is called collège.

What is 11th grade in French?

Here are the various French high school grades: La seconde (15 ans) = 10th grade (Year 11 UK). La première (16 ans) = 11th grade (Year 12 UK). La terminale (17 ans) = 12th grade (Year 13 UK).

What does distinction mean in grades?

Distinction = Two A grade A Levels. Distinction* = Two A* grade A Levels. Why do Grade Reports show two grades for a BTEC Diploma? This is because a Level 3 Diploma is equivalent to 2 A Levels, so a double grade is given.

What is pass with distinction?

Passing with distinction usually means passing with consistent top grades like all A’s and showing extra dedication, commitment and hard work which is recognized by the university. 616 views. Related questions (More answers below)

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Is a distinction a good mark?

Distinction: A superior performance; mark range 75-84. Indicates that the student has demonstrated superior ability to consider the course and its assessment requirements from a number of perspectives and to explore their interrelation.