What is a bac 5 in France?

The equivalent of a US Bachelor’s degree is a “Licence” which is obtained after three years hence BAC + 3 (years of tertiary education). The equivalent of a Master’s degree is an additional two years after the Licence: BAC + 5 (years of tertiary education).

What does Bac +3 mean in France?

French term or phrase: BAC+3. English translation: Baccalauréat (French high-school diploma) + a 3 year university degree.

What is BAC degree in France?

The French Baccalauréat or ‘le bac’, is an academic qualification taken at the end of the lycée (secondary education), usually when the student is 18. It is the required qualification in France for those students wishing to carry on their studies at university.

What does Bac +2 mean France?

Bac +2 means two years of studies (technical, professional college, universities) after graduation. It’s one year less than the bachelor.

Is the French Bac hard?

English-speaking universities, particularly American ones, value the French Bac as it is often considered difficult to obtain. It is recognized as being a comprehensive rigorous program which guarantees in-depth knowledge.

Is MBA a bac 5?

The MBA. The MBA or Master in Business Administration is a master’s degree in business administration. It is a high level international graduate degree. … Therefore the MBA is accessible from bac +3 and up to bac +5.

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What is a Master 1 in France?

A Research or Professional Master program is a 2-year postgraduate training usually done after 3-year training called the Licence (Bachelor’s degree). The first year of the Master is commonly known as “Master 1” (M1), whereas the second year of the Masters degree is called a “Master 2” (M2).

How long is le bac?

The main and important subjects of this stream are Economics & Social Sciences , History & Geography and Mathematics. Exams at the end of première. French is replaced by Philosophy in terminale. The exam is 5-hours long for students in this specialization.

What happens if you fail the French bac?

Passing the exam assures entrance to almost any university. But unless followed up by a degree or specialized diploma, the bac does not assure any job. Still, failure leaves a stigma for life, a second-class citizenship socially as well as educationally.

What year do French students take the bac?

The French general-track Baccalauréat is a diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to students who pass a national exam, which they take in part at the end of 11th grade, with the bulk of the examinations at the end of 12th grade.