What form of government did Britain and France have after the Congress of Vienna?

The Congress of Vienna was a victory for conservatives. Kings and princes resumed power in country after country, in keeping with Metternich’s goals. Nevertheless, there were important differences from one country to another. Britain and France now had constitutional monarchies.

What was the predominant form of government after the Congress of Vienna?

Monarchy has a long history in Europe, being the predominant form of government from the Middle Ages until the French Revolution. That led to some states becoming republics under French influence during the Napoleonic wars, but after the Congress of Vienna in 1815 they reverted to being monarchies.

What form of government was re established and supported by the Congress of Vienna?

Reform and reaction. In place of the Holy Roman Empire the peacemakers of the Congress of Vienna had established a new organization of German states, the German Confederation. This was a loose political association in which most of the rights of sovereignty remained in the hands of the member governments.

What did the Congress of Vienna do to France?

The Final Act, embodying all the separate treaties created at and around the Congress of Vienna, was signed on June 9, 1815, ushering in major territorial changes to Europe to create a balance of power between nations. France lost all of its territorial conquests from the Napoleonic Wars.

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What were two results of Congress of Vienna?

What were two results of the Congress of Vienna? France saw its royal family restored, and Poland became part of Russia.

Did the Congress of Vienna reinstate royal families?

The powerful foreign minister of Austria during the meetings of the five great powers of Europe was . … reinstating the royal families dethroned by Napoleon, Creating a balance of power among European nations and surrounding France with strong neighboring countries.