What does Rivard mean in French?

Rivard is a surname of French origin meaning “of the river”.

What does the last name Rivard mean?

French: topographic name for someone who lived on a riverbank, from a derivative of rive ‘(river) bank’.

What does Mousseau mean in French?

French: habitational name from any of various places named with Mousseaux, for example Mousseaux-Neuville in Eure, Seine-et-Oise, or Mousseaux-lès-Bray in Seine-et-Marne.

What does Trepanier mean in French?

French: from an agent derivative of trépan ‘auger’ (Latin trepanum), hence an occupational name for someone who drilled holes in bone or stone, perhaps even someone who practised medical trepanning (of the cranium).

What does Lussier mean in French?

occupational name from Old French uissier ‘usher’, ‘doorkeeper’, with the definite article l(e). occupational name from Old French huchier ‘carpenter’, ‘joiner’, ‘cabinetmaker’.

How do you spell Trepanier?

Some variables were adopted by different branches of the family name. Hence, there spelling variations of the name Trepanier, some of which include Trepanier, Trépanier, Trepannier and many more.

What does Lucier mean?

Lucier is a French surname that derives from the name Lussier. Notable people with the name include: Alvin Lucier (born 1931), American composer. Étienne Lucier (1793–1853), fur trader in what is now the Pacific Northwest. James P.

Where does the last name Lussier come from?

Lussier or Loussier is a surname of French origin.

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