What does Mrs Lyons offer Mrs Johnstone to leave the countryside?

Mrs Lyons tells Mrs Johnstone that she has to leave because they are ‘not satisfied’ with her work. She gives her the fifty pounds to help persuade her to go and Mrs Johnstone reluctantly agrees but says that she is taking the baby with her.

What does Mrs Lyons offer Mrs Johnstone when asking her to move away?

She offers Mrs. Johnstone any sum of money she wants if she will leave the area. The poorer woman refuses, however, saying that Mrs. Lyons should move if she wants to.

Why does Mrs Johnstone move away?

Both families move away from Liverpool at the end of Act One. Both hope to start a new life: the Lyons think they are escaping the Johnstones and cutting Edward’s ties with them; Mrs Johnstone thinks her family are escaping their reputation and can make a new start.

What reason did Mrs Lyons give to fire Mrs Johnston?

After she has taken the child and Mr Lyons has returned home – believing Edward to be his son, she fires Mrs Johnstone as she is scared about her becoming close to the baby.

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Why did Johnstone leave?

He begins to complain, saying that “our Sammy”—his older brother—has stolen his other gun. Mrs. Johnstone tries to comfort him, saying that Sammy only bullies his brother because he’s the youngest. Mickey explains that they’ve been playing policeman and Indians.

What does Mrs Johnstone give to Edward when he moves away?

Before he moves away from Liverpool, Edward receives a locket from Mrs. Johnstone with a picture of herself and Mickey in it. … On a narrative level, the locket symbolizes the bond that Edward feels with Mickey. On a deeper level, however, the locket illuminates the connection between Edward, Mickey, and Mrs.

How are Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone similar?

Similarities. Both Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone explores the theme of social class such as working class (which is Mrs Johnstone) and middle class (which is Mrs Lyons even through she might class herself as upper class because, she cares more about her social image then other people feelings.

Why does Mrs Lyons hit Edward?

Mrs Lyons hits her son, Edward, in this section. The stage directions say she hits him ‘instinctively’ (p. 37), suggesting that this is the result of frustration or anger beyond her control. … Or the result of her desperate desire to make Edward her own ‘beautiful son’ (p.

Where does Mrs Johnstone move to?

More mature after moving house

When she has moved to the countryside, Mrs Johnstone becomes more sensible and focused on what really matters in her life.

What is Linda’s role in Blood Brothers?

Linda is a kind and confident character. From the age of seven, she protects Mickey and stands up for him against his brother Sammy and anyone else who she feels in being unfair to him. As a teenager, she is open about her love for Mickey and often embarrasses him by expressing this in public.

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Why does Mrs Lyons find her house rather large?

It’s a pretty house, isn’t it? It’s a pity it’s so big. I’m finding it rather large at present. We bought such a large house for the – for the children – we thought children would come along.

Why does Mrs Johnstone give Edward a locket?

The locket, which contains a picture of Mrs Johnstone and Mickey, and which Mrs Johnstone removes from her own neck and gives to Edward is a symbol of her true relationship to Edward and his belonging to her and her family.