What does French provincial look like?

What is French provincial style?

Because the French provincial aesthetic combines ornate carvings, mouldings and decorative wrought iron with simple textures and sturdy furniture, it can be a confusing style to re-create. The main thing is that it focuses on combining beauty and elegance with rustic, country style features.

What does a French Provincial house look like?

Like French Colonial architecture, French Provincial homes are extremely symmetrical. You’ll typically see the front entryway is centered exactly on the front of the house, and the same number of tall, rectangular windows on each side of the structure. These windows are usually flanked by simple, painted shutters.

How do you know if furniture is French provincial?

The provincial furniture pieces often had a strong construction that was made to resist daily use. They had moderate ornamentation, with significantly less embellishment than Rococo pieces. The ornaments were usually carvings or paintings in different motifs like flowers, mythological creatures and daily objects.

What are French provincial colors?

The colour palette of a French provincial home is inspired by the landscape. Lean towards warm gold, earthly grass greens, brilliant cobalt blues, and russet reds. Base colours should be creams and whites.

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What does French provincial furniture look like?

Classic, yet casual, French provincial furniture are often painted in white and adorned with gilt, and feature discreet floral accents. Standing at the crossroads of Rococo, rustic, and French countryside styles, French Provincial furniture gives a highly inspired and very elegant European look to any room.

What makes something French provincial?

In French, the word province is used for any place that is outside of Paris. Over time, the term provincial has become synonymous with being from the countryside. Provence is a region in southeastern France that borders the Mediterranean Sea and was one the first Roman province beyond the Alps.

Is French provincial out of style?

French country decor ideas are steeped in tradition. ‘French country style never really goes out of style; it is timeless. The interiors reflect a longstanding connection to the land and nature and seasons,’ says Louise Bacou, co-founder La Maison London.

What is the difference between French provincial and French country?

According to this article, “French Country” is a catch-all term, but it can split into even more specific categories, with French Provincial being the more elegant style and Country french being more rustic.

What kind of wood is French provincial furniture?

The wood types that were commonly used to make French provincial furniture include apple, beech, cherry, peach, pear and oak; these woods were readily and inexpensively available in the provinces.

What year was French provincial furniture popular?

French Provincial Pieces in Modern Times

This style originated in the 18th century, but its popularity has peaked multiple times since. In the 1900s, the style made a strong comeback with reproduction pieces from an array of designers.

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Where is provincial furniture made?

Designed in Melbourne, manufactured around the globe, Provincial Home Living will nestle in your heart.

When did French provincial furniture start?

French provincial furniture was originated in the 17th and 18th century in the provincial towns of France such as Lyon and Liege, Blois and Orleans and in the countryside of Bordeaux and Normandy. The French provincial style of furniture is highly popular among lovers of antique furniture.

How do I make my French provincial look?

Colours and textures of the French provincial style

You want the tones and colours to be warm and neutral, really reflecting French nature and the countryside. When it comes to textures, aim for furniture made with linen and other soft textures, along with timber, wood and marble for kitchen bench tops.

What is a French provincial kitchen?

Provincial kitchens -or French provincial kitchens, as they’re sometimes known – are a sophisticated yet rustic kitchen style that originated from the provinces of France. The style is an elegant fusion of town and country design elements combined to create a timeless yet warm interior.