What does Bola mean in French?

volume_up. bolo {m} (accessoire cow-boy)

What is French Bola?

bolo tie; bolo; bola tie; necktie; tie.

What is the meaning of Bola in English?

: a cord with weights attached to the ends for throwing at and entangling an animal.

What does Bola mean in Japanese?

投げ縄 {noun} bola (also: a lasso)

What does Murda mean in French?

[ˈmɜːʳdəʳ ] 1. (= crime) meurtre m. to commit murder commettre un meurtre.

What is top rib of beef?

The Top Rib is a joint of beef from the shoulder that makes a good roasting joint full of beefy flavours. As a working muscle the meat is fairly lean and should be roasted gently to get the best taste. It is very versatile, makes a very good pot roast and can be braised. It is also known as the House Keepers Cut.

Why is Sirloin not kosher?

Basically because of Jacob’s struggle and his injury was in his thigh this was transferred to the cow. This was related to the hind quarters from the cow because unless the sciatic nerve (I believe) is removed from the hind quarter of the cow, the cow is not kosher.

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Where does the name Bola come from?

English: habitational name from Great Bolas in Shropshire, named in Old English with an unidentified first element (possibly an unattested word bogel meaning ‘bend in a river’) + wæsse ‘land beside a river liable to flood’.

Is Bola a Scrabble word?

Yes, bola is in the scrabble dictionary.

WHAT IS A Bola in medical terms?

A bulla is a fluid-filled sac or lesion that appears when fluid is trapped under a thin layer of your skin. … Bullae (pronounced as “bully”) is the plural word for bulla. To be classified as a bulla, the blister must be larger than 0.5 centimeters (5 millimeters) in diameter. Smaller blisters are called vesicles.

WHAT IS A Bola weapon?

bola, also called Bolas, (Spanish: “balls”; from boleadoras), South American Indian weapon, primarily used for hunting, consisting of stone balls, usually in a group of three, attached to long, slender ropes. … Bolas were also used by the gauchos of Argentina and Uruguay to catch cattle.

What does bolo mean in a text?

BOLO means “Be on the Lookout.”

How do you say killer in different languages?

In other languages killer

  • American English: killer /ˈkɪlər/
  • Arabic: قاتِلٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: assassino.
  • Chinese: 凶手
  • Croatian: ubojica.
  • Czech: vrah.
  • Danish: morder.
  • Dutch: moordenaar.

What does Murda mean in Italian?

murda {adj.} murderous.

What does Murda mean in Urdu?

मुर्दाمردہ dead, weak, decrepit.