What does a red number plate in France mean?

Vehicles in transit on French territory must carry a red plate with white characters. Instead of the regional code, the right hand band displays the expiry date of the plate. Vehicles purchased in the free trade zones of Gex and Savoie also carry red plates, but with the regional code.

What does a red number plate means?

Red Plate: If a car has a red number plate, it belongs to the President of India or the Governor of a state. These people use official vehicles without a license.

Why are some French number plates yellow?

France car plate number: special ones

Here are other special French plates you might see: Black background plates: those plates are reserved for vintage cars that have a special car registration for old-timers (“carte grise de collection”) Car plates with yellow characters/green background: diplomatic plates.

Which countries have red number plates?

Belgium uses red characters and is the only country not to use the standard black-on-white or black-on-yellow combination; with the introduction of European-style plates in November 2010, a slightly darker shade of red was chosen (RAL 3003) to improve legibility.

How do I get red number plates?

The red registration plate is issued as a temporary registration for a newly purchased vehicle until permanent registration is issued by the RTO. Temporary registration is valid for 1 month only. However, all Indian states do not allow temporarily registered vehicles to ply on road.

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What does a red Licence plate mean in Ontario?

Red license plates as below are diplomatic corps. They are for diplomats of a foreign country. White plates with red letters are for dealerships. Red license plates as below are diplomatic corps. They are for diplomats of a foreign country.

Are Coloured number plates legal?

You cannot have any colour other than white, yellow, or black on a number plate. Some companies have been seen to falsely promote their 4D coloured crystal number plates as road legal, however this is not the case and could result in trouble with the Road Traffic Policing teams!

Is it illegal to have a white rear number plate?

It’s also illegal to show a white light at the rear of your vehicle because plates are made of reflective material and so this could cause confusion.

Who can use black number plates?

Black number plates are for a vehicle registered as rental or self-driven. These types of number plates are also popular with luxury hotel transport. These cars can ply as a commercial vehicle without the driver having to own a commercial driving permit. This number plate is unique to electric cars only.