What do the French call the Easter Bunny?

In France, we have a very special magical being for Easter : Magical holy bells (with little wings…) They are called “les cloches de Pâques”.

What is the Easter Bunny called in France?

We Anglos know that it’s an enormous adorable fluffy bunny that brings us chocolate eggs at Easter – but in France it’s bells. Yes, bells. Which is insane, bells don’t even have hands/paws. Get this: all the church bells fly to Rome for Easter.

Does the French have a Easter Bunny?

There’s a very old tradition in France which doesn’t actually include the famous Easter Bunny. In fact, the French celebrate Easter with chocolate bells instead. … The French word for Easter is Pâques and comes from the Latin pascua, which means food.

Why is there no Easter Bunny in France?

According to tradition, church bells leave their homes to fly to Rome on the Thursday before Easter Sunday. … French cities and countrysides remain silent for three days, whereas normally church bells ring out the hours and church services on a daily basis.

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How do the French celebrate Pâques?

After the egg hunt and the Sunday of fun, Easter is celebrated with the traditional meal, l’Agneau Pascal, Pascal(e) coming from the word ‘Pâques’. This meal will usually consist of asparagus vinaigrette and eggs to start followed by a main course of roasted lamb.

What do French have for Easter?

Easter traditions in France include chocolate, bells, eggs, rabbits, chicken and lamb! French people traditionally eat lamb at Easter, the most traditional dish is a leg of lamb cooked in the oven with provençal herbs, cumin, garlic and olive oil.

Do French have Easter eggs?

The truth is: in France, eggs come from les cloches (= bells.) As the story goes, it’s the bells from the churches in Rome, who fly all the way to your garden in France to drop chocolat eggs. They want to share the joy of the Resurrection of Jesus, which Christians celebrate on Easter. So there’s no Easter rabbit.

Who brings the Easter eggs in France?

If you’re in the USA, on Easter Sunday it’s traditionally the Easter Bunny who brings chocolate eggs and treats to children across the country. In Australia, confectionery arrives courtesy of the Easter Bilby. In France, they’re delivered by someone slightly less fluffy: the flying bells (les cloches volantes).

Why is Easter called Paques in French?

The French word “Pâques” derives from the Latin “pascua”, meaning “food”. It stems from the Jewish name for the Passover celebration, which remembers the Exodus out of Egypt.

What is the traditional French meal for Easter in France?

In France at Easter time, classic main course offerings include herby roasted lamb, served perhaps with gratin Dauphinois, or navarin d’agneau (lamb stew). However, head to the rural regions and some traditional recipes are worth trying out as an alternative to the meat and potatoes on offer.

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How do you say Happy Easter in Quebec?

We will get onto that later but for a start, on the day, it is natural to say to friends and family “Joyeuses Pâques” (Happy Easter).

Why do the French eat chocolate fish at Easter?

Easter Hens and little Easter Fish called “Fritures de Pâques'(those are small fish-shaped chocolates and is the symbol of Christianity). … The egg is a symbol of life and renewal close to catholic beliefs of the resurrection of Christ. It was forbidden to eat eggs during Lent.

What is Easter Monday called in France?

Easter Monday (Lundi de Pâques), which is the day after Easter Sunday, is a public holiday in France.