What class is Mrs Lyons in Blood Brothers?

What sort of class are the Lyons from Blood Brothers?

Mickey and his family represent the working classes, who were badly affected by the economic downturn, whereas Edward and the Lyons family embody the middle classes, who thrived in the 1980s.

What class is Mrs Johnstone?

Similarities. Both Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone explores the theme of social class such as working class (which is Mrs Johnstone) and middle class (which is Mrs Lyons even through she might class herself as upper class because, she cares more about her social image then other people feelings.

What does Mrs Lyons represent in Blood Brothers?

Johnstone represent the division between the middle class and the working class. Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Johnstone represent the unison of the middle class and the working class.

What is Mr Lyons profession?

A wealthy businessman, Mr. Lyons feels affection for his wife Mrs.

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What sort of agreement does Mrs Lyons make with Mrs Johnstone?

Mrs Lyons suggests that the twins will be taken into care if Mrs Johnstone cannot look after them and points out what a good life the child would have with her. Satisfied that Mrs Lyons will let her see the child every day, Mrs Johnstone agrees to the plan. Mrs Lyons makes her swear to the agreement on a Bible.

What does Mrs Lyons want 50 from Mr Lyons for?

Lyons tells her husband that she doesn’t want Mrs. … Her husband says that she should do whatever she wants, and he tries to leave for a meeting. Then Mrs. Lyons asks him to give her some money: fifty pounds.

What is the name of Mrs Johnstone’s first child?

Mrs. Johnstone has the twins, and names the two children Michael (known as Mickey throughout the play) and Edward in 1963, but then regrets having agreed to give one away (“Easy Terms”). After keeping her deal with Mrs. Lyons, she lies to her other children, saying that the other baby had died and gone to heaven.

How does Russell create sympathy for Lyons?

Key characters: Mrs Lyons

Before this section, Russell establishes some sympathy for Mrs Lyons as she reveals that she and her husband hoped to have children but could not. This sympathy is soon undermined as she manipulatively persuades Mrs Johnstone to agree to give up her child.

What age is Mrs Lyons in Blood Brothers?

She is 25 years old at the start of the play and has already had seven children. This suggests that she has a naturally maternal character, embracing new life and being a caring person. Russell might also be hinting at religious rulings against contraception.

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What type of character is Mrs Lyons?

Mrs Lyons is a very lonely woman, who is the opposite of her employee Mrs Johnstone. At the start of the play, she is alone in her large home as her husband often works away on business – and is away for nine months at this point.

How is Mrs Lyons controlling?

Mrs Lyons’ bitterness leads to her betraying her own son by exposing his secrets. Her initial overprotectiveness pushes Edward away and leads to the downfall of all of the characters, through Mickey’s response to what she shows him.

Is Mrs Lyons an antagonist?

Antagonist: A character who opposes, works against or brings down the protagonist. MRS LYONS • Middle-class married woman who employs Mrs Johnstone as a cleaner. … Could be considered the play’s antagonist . EDWARD • Mickey’s twin brother.

Does Mrs Lyons work?

Mrs Lyons doesn’t work, but she has a cleaner, and no children. At first, we feel sorry for her, because she can’t have children and her husband is distant and unsupportive.

How old is Mrs Johnstone at the start of Blood Brothers?

25 years old at the start of the play and has already had seven children. Does agree under extreme pressure to give Mrs Lyons one of her children. Superstitious “shoes on the table” sign of bad luck.

How much money does Mrs Lyons give Mrs Johnstone?

As Mrs Johnstone and Mr and Mrs Lyons are looking at the new baby, Mrs Johnstone wants to pick him up, but Mrs Lyons tells her not to. Having persuaded her husband that they should sack Mrs Johnstone, Mrs Lyons dismisses her, giving her fifty pounds.

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