What are French levels ABC?

It’s based on 6 levels called A1 and A2 (elementary); B1 and B2 (intermediate) and CA and C2 (advanced). It is in wide use all over Europe and has become the prevalent standard for the rest of the world.

What are ABC language levels?

The six levels within the CEFR are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. With these levels, you can easily work out your ability in around 40 different languages. The levels are often used casually by language learners to explain their ability at speaking, reading, writing and understanding a language.

What is A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2?

A1 (Beginner) A2 (Elementary) B1 (Pre-Intermediate) B2 (Intermediate) C1 (Upper-Intermediate)

What is A1 A2 B1 B2?

The three broad levels are A1/A2 (“Basic User”), B1/B2 (“Independent User”), and C1/C2 (“Proficient User”).

Is C1 French fluent?

C1 level is the first stage of the CEFR ‘proficient [language] user’ category. At C1 the learner is able to follow a conversation fluently. However, there may still be some expressions or words that are not quite grasped yet.

Is a level French B2?

GCE A-Level AS. This corresponds to B1 on the CEFR. GCE A-Level A2. This corresponds to B2 , the minimum level required to attend university in France when courses are dispensed in French.

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What level of French is GCSE?

GCSE French has a Foundation Tier (grades 1–5) and a Higher Tier (grades 4–9). Students must take all four question papers at the same tier. All question papers must be taken in the same series.

What is C1 English level?

A C1 level of English allows for a full range of functionality at work or in an academic setting. … According to the official CEFR guidelines, someone at the C1 level in English: Can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and recognize implicit meaning.

Is C1 better than C2?

The key difference between C1 and C2 is that the C1 or the atlas vertebra is the most superior vertebra of the human vertebral column while the C2 or the axis vertebra is the second topmost vertebra of the human vertebral column. … The second topmost vertebra is the Axis vertebra or the C2 vertebra.

What’s B2 level?

 Level B2 refers to a candidate who is able to clearly and spontaneously communicate in a more detailed manner. ETS Global describes this level as those with the ability to be a bit more independent though not yet an experienced speaker. However, a B2 user is able to understand and be understood in most situations.

Is B2 a good language level?

Level B2 corresponds to a more advanced, more independent level than previous levels. A B2 user can communicate easily and spontaneously in a clear and detailed manner. This is not yet an experienced speaker, but a B2 user is able to understand and be understood in most situations.

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What is A2 English level?

Level A2 corresponds to basic users of the language, i.e. those able to communciate in everyday situations with commonly-used expressions and elementary vocabulary.

What level is A2 French?

A2 – Elementary level

Your level is level is A2 on the european scale (CEFR). It’s a ELEMENTARY level, you have some vocabulary and can get simple things done in French.

What is B level French?

Level B is the minimum level of second language oral proficiency for positions that require departure from routine use of the second language.

What language level is GCSE?

Required language level

“> CEFR level FLTU module Approximate equivalence
A2 Elementary GCSE A* – C
B1 Lower Intermediate AS Level A* – C
B2 Upper Intermediate A Level A* – C
C1 Advanced