Quick Answer: What was the last French lesson?

The Last Lesson, a short story set in the backdrop of Franco-Prussian War is narrated from the perspective of a little boy named Franz. The story deals with the occupation of Alsace-Lorraine in the year 1870 when Bismarck’s army stormed the area and held it under the Prussian control right until World War I.

What was the last lesson for Franz?

Ans: Franz came to know that it was the last lesson in French that M. Hamel would give them. From the next day they will be taught only German. Then he felt sorry for not learning his lessons properly. His books, which seemed a nuisance and a burden earlier were now old friends.

Why was this the last French lesson?

He felt very guilty for deliberately ignoring to learn his native language and he suddenly developed a strange fascination for his language and his school. … Hamel declared that it was their last French lesson a grim realisation dawned on Franz that he had so much more yet to learn.

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What is the story the last lesson about?

The ‘Last Lesson’ by Alphonse Daudet is mainly about the longing to learn the mother tongue and love for it. It has a sense of patriotism. In the ‘Last Lesson’ the Prussians rejected the freedom of the people of Lorraine and Alsace to learn their own mother tongue and started forcing German onto them.

What kind of child was Franz?

Answer: Explanation: Franz is a lively young boy who lives in Alsace and Loraine. Surely time makes Franz know about the French and how he wasted his time..

What did Franz regret?

He forgot all about Mr. Hamel’s ruler and hard discipline. Now he thought the books as his old friends whom he could not give up. He regretted and realised his foolishness.

Who was M Hamel *?

M. Hamel is the French teacher in the school where Franz studied. He was a guy of good nature and had a great respect for his mother tongue.

What was M Hamel’s regret on the day of the last lesson?

Hamel’s regret on the last day of the last lesson was that he had to leave France after giving forty years of service and his students had not learned the language properly.

Why was Franz not scolded that day?

Answer: Franz was not scolded for reaching the school; late on that day because everyone was very sad because of the notice. As per the notice, it was instructed that French would not be taught in the schools, instead, German would be taught from the next day onward.

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Why is M Hamel pale?

M. Hamel was pale because he had become emotional due to the fact that the time had come for him to leave the place where he had been for forty years, with his garden outside the window and his class in front of him.

How is it you pretend to be Frenchmen?

Now those fellows out there will have the right to say to you, “How is it; you pretend to be Frenchman, and yet you can neither speak nor write your own language?” Then M Hamel told Franz that only he was not to be blamed.

What was M Hamel’s views about French language?

M. Hamel told them that French was the most beautiful language in the world. It was the clearest and the most logical language. He asked them to guard it among them and never _ forget it.

What does little Franz symbolize?

Answer: Little Franz is the narrator of the story. The name ‘Franz’ means ‘from France’.

Who was Charley in the third level?

Charley: The protagonist of the story, Charley is a true representative of modem man. He is a victim of stress, insecurity and fear and wants to run away from reality. He is an escapist and wants to escape from the world of harsh realities.

Who was Franz?

Franz is the narrator of the story and he is a French boy. He is lazy yet sensitive and loves to play. He does not like studying French and dislikes his teacher M. Hamel.