Quick Answer: What is double in French?

More French words for double. le doublé noun. line. double adjective. duplicate, dual, twin, doubles, duplex, twofold, tandem, counterpart, duple.

What is double in France?

Compound Numbers

English French Approx. Pronunciation
two deux (duh)
three trois (trwah)
four quatre (katr)
five cinq (sank)

Do the French say double Entendre?

Double entendre is never used in french.

What does Duo Duo mean in French?

couple noun. couple, pair, duo, match, twosome. deux noun.

How do you say double in other languages?

In other languages double

  1. American English: double /ˈdʌbəl/
  2. Arabic: مُزْدَوِج
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: duplo.
  4. Chinese: 双倍的
  5. Croatian: dvostruk.
  6. Czech: dvojitý
  7. Danish: dobbelt.
  8. Dutch: dubbel.

How is w pronounced in French?

When reciting the alphabet in French, the “w” is pronounced doo-bluh-vay. This literally means “double v” and is similar to the Spanish “w.” (Spanish is another Romance language where the letter “w” is not native.) In use, the letter “w” is found primarily in words borrowed from other languages.

How do you say double n in French?

In French, the double L is sometimes pronounced like an L and other times like a Y.

The double L is always pronounced like a Y in letter combinations with vowel + ILL:

  1. aill (e.g., taille)
  2. eill (oreille)
  3. euill (feuille)
  4. œill (œillet)
  5. ouill (grenouille)
  6. ueill (cueillir)
  7. uill (juillet)
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How do you order espresso in French?

Le Café Français

If you like the taste but not the strength of espresso, order un café allongé and you’ll get an espresso in a large cup which you can dilute with hot water. On the other hand, if you’d like something even stronger than espresso, ask for un café serré.

How do I order a Tim Hortons in Quebec?

Timbiebs are here!

  1. Drive-Thru. Drive-thru and let us know you have a mobile order.
  2. Delivery. Order delivery through our mobile app or website. Also available on our delivery partners: DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub.
  3. Take-out. Place a take-out order through the mobile app or by calling the restaurant.

Do French say encore?

If you want to request for a repeat performance in French, you don’t say “encore!” but rather, « une autre ! » or ‘another one! ‘. Or you can also say « bis ! »which means a request to repeat.

What is a triple entendre?

A triple entendre is a phrase that can be understood in any of three ways, such as in the back cover of the 1981 Rush album Moving Pictures which shows a moving company carrying paintings out of a building while people are shown being emotionally moved and a film crew makes a “moving picture” of the whole scene.

When a word has double meaning?

A double entendre is a phrase or figure of speech that could have two meanings or that could be understood in two different ways.

What are your names in French?

How to say “what is your name?”” in French. Comment vous appelez-vous ? – What’s your name?

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Is duo a German name?

Translate “Duo” from German to English.

Do you speak French in French formal?

The formal way would be “parlez-vous francais?” The informal way would be “parles-tu francais?” In most countries where French is spoken, you would use the formal unless the person you’re addressing is a child.