Quick Answer: Do you have to register your dog in France?

It is necessary to register your dog, cat or ferret with the service before getting an EU pet passport in France. I-CAD is the biggest database dedicated to carnivorous pets in France and in Europe – mainly meaning dogs, cats and ferrets. … It is free to register a pet on I-CAD.

Do I need to register my dog in France?

All dogs over 4 months of age MUST be identified by a microchip or tattoo and registered with ICAD the French ID database. Foreign dogs imported to France should be attached to that register via your vet within a month of importation.

Does my dog need a health certificate for France?

What are the health requirements for bringing a pet to France? Your dog, cat or ferret will need to be microchipped, have the correct pet documentation and a valid vaccination against rabies. Read our Pet Travel Scheme Checklist before travelling or visit the DEFRA website for further details.

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What are the new rules for taking a dog to France?

It is important to note that this new ruling will affect any travellers with pets arriving in an EU Member State after 23:00 GMT on December 31, 2020. A dog, cat or ferret must be micro-chipped, and vaccinated against rabies and you must wait 21 days after the primary vaccination before travel.

Does my dog need a blood test for France?

Your pet must have a blood sample taken at least 30 days after its primary rabies vaccination (from a current series of vaccinations). Your vet may recommend a booster rabies vaccination before this test. Your pet’s blood sample will be sent to an EU-approved blood testing laboratory.

How do I register my dog in France?

It is free to register a pet on I-CAD. This can be done by going to a vet in France and asking to have a pet registered. There may be a consultation fee to pay for the appointment. In order to get an EU pet passport in France, the animal must be first registered on the I-CAD database.

Can I take my dog to France in 2021?

For your dog to be eligible to enter the EU from Jan 2021, the following requirements must be in place: Microchipped – Your dog must be microchipped, which can be done by most Vets. … Rabies – Your dog must be vaccinated against Rabies and this process will take at least four months to complete.

Does my dog need a passport for France?

Taking dogs to France is pretty straightforward. … Dogs, cats and ferrets are eligible for an EU Pet Passport which allows them to travel freely within the EU without enduring a stay in pet quarantine. This involves getting your dog microchipped and vaccinated against rabies, at minimum.

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Will pet passports be valid after Brexit?

You can still use your pet passport if it was issued in an EU country or Northern Ireland and are travelling to another EU country. … Note: Be sure to speak with an official veterinarian (OV) and check the government website before you travel.

Will I be able to take my dog to France after Brexit?

You are still be able to travel with your pet dog, cat or even ferret from England, Scotland and Wales to the EU, but you now have to follow different rules. … This means pets from England, Scotland and Wales can travel within the EU’s borders as long as owners obtain an animal health certificate (AHC) first.

Can I still take my dog to France?

Yes, as long as your puppy or kitten is at least 4 months old. This is because France requires dogs and cats to be vaccinated against rabies, which can only be administered to pets over the age of 3 months. You must then wait 21 days after the vaccination, before entering France.

Can I bring my dog to France?

Each family is limited to 5 pets. Pets are not to be sold under any circumstances. The pets must have been examined and the health certificate issued by a USDA Accredited Veterinarian within a day of loading and must arrive in France within 10 days.

Can you take a dog on the Eurotunnel?

Customers must contact Eurotunnel and register their travel in advance with our Customer Support team who will provide the Customer with all the necessary documentation to be completed. Without exception, travel with more than 20 animals (cats, dogs or ferrets) per vehicle is not permitted.

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Is France a tapeworm free country?

Tapeworm Treatment – Dogs Only

A tapeworm treatment is not required when entering France from any country.

How much is a dog passport to France?

France’s Agriculture Ministry has previously confirmed that this is acceptable, providing an EU vet administers the animal’s rabies vaccinations. An EU pet passport issued in France only costs between €15 and €20 and can be used for up to 28 trips.

How long does it take to get a pet passport in France?

Obtaining the document will take about seven to nine days, so make sure you allow enough time. The form can be found on most EU embassy websites. Once you have an authorised EU Annex IV certificate, your pet is able to get an EU pet passport.