Question: Who does the dancing in Find Me in Paris?

“What’s for lunch today?” Rock asks co-star Eubha Akilade, who plays Ines Lebreton, during a break on set. He’s also had dancing parts on Descendants and Descendants 2.

Does Jessica Lord do ballet?

Jessica was born in Rochdale, Manchester, England where she started ballroom dancing at the tender age of 4. … When “Find Me in Paris” started a worldwide search for their lead, Jessica stood out as not only being a strong actress but able to dance both Ballet and Hip Hop.

What episode does Lena kiss Max?

“Find Me in Paris” L.O.V.E.

Who does Lena Grisky end up with?

However, she also finds a rival in the ruthless Thea, who sees Lena as a threat to her ambition to be the school’s best dancer. To make things even more complicated, even though Lena has not forgotten Henri, she ends up falling for Max, who becomes her dance partner.

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Are Jeff and Isaac dating in Find Me in Paris?

In season 3 Isaac says out loud that him and Jeffrey are dating.

Is Jessica Lord a real ballet dancer?

Fans might be interested to know that all the characters on the show have a dance double. “They make us look amazing,” said Lord. While she is a trained dancer, she is not the prima ballerina her character Léna is, so the show shoots close-up shots of the dancers’ feet with real prima ballerinas from Paris.

What happened to Lola on the next step?

Lola has left The Next Step Dance Studio.

Does Clive come back in Find Me in Paris?

He is last seen in a later episode of season 3, when he goes to ride the dinosaurs.

Where can I watch season 2 of find me in Paris?

Streaming, rent, or buy Find Me in Paris – Season 2:

Currently you are able to watch “Find Me in Paris – Season 2” streaming on ABC iview for free.

Where can I watch Season 3 of find me in Paris?

Currently you are able to watch “Find Me in Paris – Season 3” streaming on Disney Plus.

Is Romy Lena’s sister?

Meanwhile, Romy, a sassy tomboy, has discovered she’s Lena’s half-sister. She manages to push her way into Armando’s studio. When she shows Lena a box filled with photos from the past, they work together to piece it all together.

Is Lena Grisky real?

Lena Grisky, formally Princess Helena Grisky and played by Jessica Lord, is a Russian princess who lived in 1905.

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Why did Max and Thea Leave find me in Paris?

In this season, Max was written out due to a disability storyline from earlier episodes, so her new dance partner was Nico, a double agent for the Time Bureau. … Lena’s best friend, Ines, switched between three love interests over the three seasons of the show.

Do the actors really dance in Find Me in Paris?

Actors were selected as much for their acting experience as dancing abilities. They will be doubled in some dance performances by members of the Opera Ballet School, where “Find Me in Paris” is shooting, the first time a youth series has done that in decades.

Who is Castle Rock from Find Me in Paris?

Castle Rock plays the role of Jeff in “Find me in Paris”. Born in: Toronto, Canada.