Question: What natural resource did the French and the Dutch want from the Native Americans?

Interactions with Native Americans: The goals of both the French and Dutch revolved around the fur trade. Unlike the Spanish and English, the French and Dutch fostered good relationships with Native Americans. The French in particular created alliances with the Hurons and Algonquians.

What did the Dutch want from the natives?

The Dutch, whose presence in North America was not of long duration (about 40 years), were interested primarily in trade and viewed Indians as something to be tolerated, like cold winters and hot summers.

What resources did the French want from North America?

During this time, France had been establishing New France in present-day Canada. Like the Spanish and English, the French were attracted to North America by promises of great wealth in gold, silver, and other precious metals.

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What did the Dutch trade with the natives?

The Dutch colonists impacted the lives of the Native Americans who were already settled in the Hudson River Valley. … They traded these for the tools, cloth, weapons, and alcohol the Dutch imported.)

What resources did the Dutch take from their colonies?

It used natural and human resources of Ghana and Senegal in the 16th century, Ivory Coast and South Africa in the 17th century, and Namibia in the 19th century after colonizing them. The Dutch exploited natural resources as well as human resources in African countries.

How did the French treat the natives?

They did not displace any Natives in the establishment of their settlement and continued to work closely with them in the fur trade. They respected Native territories, their ways, and treated them as the human beings they were. The Natives, in turn, treated the French as trusted friends.

How did the French and Dutch interact with natives?

French and Dutch colonization in the Americans focused on the profitable fur trade. Depending on Native Americans to hunt animals for their pelts, French and Dutch colonizers cultivated friendly relationships with Native Americans through intermarriage and military alliances.

What natural resources did New France have?

Large numbers of farm animals were introduced to New France. Wool from sheep and hides from cattle provided clothing and shoes. Talon encouraged the growing of hemp, barley and hops and the production of tar. Wood and tar were used for SHIPBUILDING in a yard on the banks of the St-Charles R.

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How did the French and Dutch immigrants to North America contribute to native warfare in the Great Lakes region?

Thus, the French found themselves escalating native wars and supporting the Algonquian against the Iroquois, who received weapons from their Dutch trading partners. These seventeenth-century conflicts centered on the lucrative trade in beaver pelts, earning them the name of the Beaver Wars.

What resources did France take from its colonies?

The Europeans traded in slaves, sugar, pepper, ivory, wax, and gold during this period. The trade in gold was a major factor in the expansion of European interest in West Africa.

What did the French and natives trade?

The French traded iron tools, kettles, wool blankets and other supplies for the furs to make hats, while Native peoples exchanged furs for goods from around the world.

Why did Native Americans exercise more power in their relations with the Dutch and French than with the English?

why did native americans exercise more power in their relations with the dutch and french than with the english? The dutch were kinder to the indians because they had also been oppressed by Spain. Dutch didnt let any of their people settle of the Indians sovereign land unless it was purchased from them.

What did the Dutch create?

The telescope and the microscope are both Dutch inventions

And two of those were the telescope and the microscope. In the year 1609 it was either Sacharias Jansen or Hans Lipperhey (we still don’t know which) who invented the telescope. Both lived in Middelburg, at that time an important city in the Netherlands.

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What did the Dutch explore?

After abandoning their North American colonies (in what is now New York), the Dutch established outposts in the Caribbean, South America (what is now Suriname), South Africa, and what is now Indonesia. Holland also established a trading center in Japan, one of only a few European nations to do so.

How were the French and Dutch colonial projects different from the Spanish?

How did the colonization efforts of the French and Dutch primarily differ from those of the Spanish? The French and Dutch relied heavily on trade alliances with Native Americans, while the Spanish did not. … Spaniards intermarried with Native Americans.