Question: How long has French been the official language of France?

The legal reform known as the Edict of Villers-Cotterêts (1539), however, established Francien as the only official language (as opposed to both Latin and other dialects) after it proved to be the most popular written form.

When did French become an official language in France?

History. The Ordinance of Villers-Cotterêts of 1539 made French the administrative language of the kingdom of France for legal documents and laws. Previously, official documents were written in medieval Latin, which was the language used by the Roman Catholic Church.

How old is French?

The linguists tell us that Old French started in the 8th century AD, before it was Vulgar Latin.

When was French the international language?

French has been called the international language by Europeans since the 13th century when it was fashionable for the upper classes to speak French as an alternative to their native tongue. It has been widely used in legal proceedings since then as a standard language for contracts etc. in Europe.

When was the French language Standardised?

French was standardized between the 17th and 18th centuries. It widely replaced some of the regional dialects in France, especially those spoken in central and northern France. Its phonology differed from the other Romance languages and its grammar was simplified.

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Is French older than Spanish?

In modern language terms, Spanish was recognized first (around the 9th century). Modern French emerged from the Francien dialect around the 14th century.

Which language came first French or Italian?

Origins: French And Italian Have A Common Ancestor

French and Italian originally evolved from the everyday language left behind by the Roman Empire, Vulgar Latin. When the West-Roman Empire fell, around 1500 years ago, the Latin dialects spoken around the former empire slowly began to evolve.

How long was French the international language?

For 1,000 years French was the international language of Europe. All military officers had to be able to speak it and much of the nobility likewise, from Scotland to Russia. All treaties were written in French.

When did English nobility speak French?

For 400 years, from 1066 to the mid-15th century, the royals and the nobility of the Anglo-Norman kingdom spoke French.

Is French the official international language?

French was chosen because it was still widely considered the international language of diplomacy. Spanish and Arabic were added in 1973, because they were the official languages of many nations.

How many official languages are there in France?

Linguists estimate that there are around 75 regional languages in France! Some of these are taught in schools, including Occitan, Breton, Basque, Corsican, Alsatian and certain Melanesian languages such as Tahitian.

How was French standardized?

In France, Standard French is based on the pronunciation and vocabulary used in the formal registers of French in Metropolitan France.