Question: How do you say in case in French?

How do you say the word case in French?


  1. 1. (= situation) cas m. in some cases dans certains cas. in that case dans ce cas. …
  2. 3. ( medical) cas m.
  3. 4. [ of detective] affaire f. to be on the case être sur le cas. …
  4. 5. ( legal case) affaire f ⧫ procès m.
  5. 7. (= box) boîte f. [of wine] caisse f. …
  6. 8. (= holder) étui m.

How do you express relief in French?

relief n —

  1. soulagement m. ·
  2. relief m. ·
  3. secours m. ·
  4. apaisement m. ·
  5. aide f. ·
  6. relève f. ·
  7. libération f. ·
  8. réparation f. ·

Are there cases in French?

Case. Nouns in French are not inflected for any other grammatical categories. (However, personal pronouns are inflected for case and person; see below.)

What does LA case mean in French?

case, la ~ (f) (casier) compartment, the ~ Noun. pigeon-hole, the ~ Noun.

What does the French word relief mean?

relief noun. secours, soulagement, aide, assistance, exonération.

How do you say relief in different languages?

In other languages relief

  • Arabic: راحَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: alívio.
  • Chinese: 减轻
  • Croatian: olakšanje.
  • Czech: úleva.
  • Danish: lettelse.
  • Dutch: opluchting.
  • European Spanish: alivio.
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Is there a dative case in French?

Le datif. The dative case marks indirect objects, which are usually used with a preposition. For example in the phrase “talk to him”, the direct object is “him” because it is the thing to which the action is given.

Is French grammar hard?

In summary — even though French is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn, it’s not “easy”. It’ll take time — particularly working on grammar. … French spelling (and orthography) is pretty easy. You get the Latin alphabet.

What are cases in language?

Definition: Case is a grammatical category determined by the syntactic or semantic function of a noun or pronoun. … The term case has traditionally been restricted to apply to only those languages which indicate certain functions by the inflection of: nouns. pronouns.

What are the cases in English grammar?

Case refers to the form a word takes and its function in a sentence. The English language has just three cases: subjective, possessive and objective. Most nouns, many indefinite pronouns and “it” and“you” have distinctive forms only for the possessive case.

How many cases in French grammar?

Grammatical case, or simply case for short, defines how a word functions in a phrase or sentence. English has three cases: Nominative (Subjective)

French Grammatical Cases.

He him his
They them their

Is pencil case feminine or masculine in French?

pencil case {noun}

plumier {m} [Belg.]