Is there any French schools in America?

Are there French schools in the United States?

FISNA or French International Schools in North America is a network of 54 schools located in Canada and the United States, which implement the French curricula, and employ a majority of teachers who are qualified in the French National Education system.

How many French schools are there in the United States?

French-American Schools (k-12) are part of a worldwide network of over 495 international schools with French curriculum in 137 countries (AEFE network). In the U.S. there are 47 schools with over 17,500 students.

Are there French immersion schools in the US?

173 schools, 94 cities, 34 states! These are the recent data on French dual-language immersion programs in the U.S. From 405 students in 1991 there, 5,279 students now attend a French immersion program offered in 34 schools in 2018-19. …

Are there English schools in France?

There are 136 English-speaking international schools in France. These present a great opportunity for English speaking teachers and expat parents looking at education options for their children.

Do bilingual schools work?

Conclusion. The research, overall, tends to support bilingual education when it comes to academic and life success for English language learners. The confounding variable is the wide variety of bilingual programs available in the United States.

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