Is the duolingo French podcast good?

Duolingo has a great podcast!! It talks about lots of different interests people in the French speaking world who have made a difference in their community or have beaten great odds in their lives. The native speaking narrator speaks at a slower intermediate level for easy comprehension.

Does listening to French podcasts help learn French?

Podcasts in French

Of course, podcasts aren’t just for people learning French – there are podcasts for and by native French speakers, too. If you have an advanced or fluent level of French, these are a fantastic way to keep up your skills, learn new vocabulary, and gain insight into French culture.

Are duolingo French podcasts free?

The focus is on telling great stories, rather than teaching, so the podcast is meant to be entertaining for any bilingual listener. There are over 20M people actively learning French with Duolingo who can benefit from having this free learning resource.

What are some good French podcast?

Podcasts to Learn French

  • Coffee Break French. Coffee Break French has several seasons catered to beginning, intermediate, and advanced French learners. …
  • Le Journal en Français Facile. …
  • Français Authentique. …
  • One Thing in a French Day. …
  • Entre. …
  • Affaires Sensibles.
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Are duolingo podcasts true stories?

Duolingo is launching a bilingual podcast for Spanish learners today! In creating this, we wanted to combine great storytelling with language learning: each episode of the podcast features compelling, true stories that are told in easy-to-understand Spanish with English narration throughout.

Is Learn French by Podcast good?

Learn French by podcast – beginner level

Podcasts are one of the best ways to learn French, both because it is one of the easiest way to learn the language and because it is one of the best methods through which you can learn by your own.

What is the best radio station for learning French?

The best French Talk Radio stations

  • France Inter. If fast conversation and a mix of culture and news is what you’re looking for, France Inter is the French radio station for you. …
  • France Culture. …
  • RTL. …
  • Rire et Chansons. …
  • BFM Business. …
  • Europe 1. …
  • RMC. …
  • RFI international.

Is French hard to learn?

The FSI scale ranks French as a “category I language”, considered as “more similar to English”, as compared to categories III and IV “hard” or “super-hard languages”. According to the FSI, French is one of the easiest languages to learn for a native English speaker.

Who narrates duolingo French podcast?

The French Podcast is hosted by Ngofeen Mputubwele (ngo-FEN mpù-tù-BWEH-leh), a journalist, lawyer, and podcast producer based in New York City. The podcast is a production of Duolingo and Adonde Media, who also partner with us on the Duolingo Spanish Podcast.

Does duolingo really work?

Duolingo is not a stand-alone language course, but it’s an excellent addition to a language learner’s toolbox. It’s easy to use, it’s fun and it works. Don’t forget to do the homework, though. If your aim is to achieve real fluency, remember to read, speak, and truly live the language that you’re learning!

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Why is French Awesome?

Studies show that learning French improves standardized test scores, enhances critical thinking and problem solving skills, thus helping learners in other subjects like English, Math and Science. Since 2010, the numbers of those learning French as a foreign language is GOING UP! UP 6% on average around the world!

How can I listen to French podcasts?

10 Great French Podcasts for Learning French

  1. Daily French Pod (website)
  2. Coffee Break French (iTunes – website)
  3. French (website)
  4. One Thing in a French Day (website)
  5. Learn French by Podcast (iTunes – website)
  6. Je (website)
  7. One Minute French (iTunes – website)

How quickly can you learn French?

For English-speakers, French falls into category 1. In other words, it is considered one of the easiest languages to learn because it is “closely related” to English. According to the FSI, it would take an English-speaker approximately 23-24 weeks or 575-600 hours of study to become proficient in the French language.

Does Duolingo podcast cost money?

The first episode is available for free on Duolingo’s website, iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, and Stitcher. New episodes will roll out every Thursday. Each 15-minute episode is a narrative nonfiction story, similar to an episode of This American Life.

How much does Duolingo podcast cost?

Yes, Duolingo Podcasts are 100% free!

What Duolingo languages have podcasts?

Currently this feature is only available in Spanish and French. This is due to the fact that at the time of their release (and today), the Spanish for English, and French for English courses on Duolingo were easily the largest courses for English speakers on the site.

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