Is shorts plural in French?

The plural of short is shorts.

Is shorts singular or plural in French?


Declension of shorts
Singular Plural
Nominative shortsen
Genitive shortsens

How do we call shorts in French?

shorts → caleçon, culotte, short. shorts → slip, caleçon, culotte.

Is short masculine or feminine or plural?

When we describe people, we might refer to their height. For example, we might say that Robert is tall, and Louis is short. The word ‘short’ an adjective, so there are masculine and feminine, singular and plural forms that need to be used, depending on the gender of the person you are describing.

What is the plural of small in French?

The French translation for “small (plural)” is petits.

Do we say a pair of shorts?

Shorts like trousers do not have a singular and always referred to as “a pair”.

What is the plural word for shorts?

The plural form of shorts is also shorts.

What are jeans in French?

The French word for jeans is

E.g. le jean.

Is scarf feminine in French?

The gender of écharpe is feminine. E.g. une écharpe.

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Is shorts in French masculine or feminine?

The gender of short is masculine. E.g. le short.

What is pair of shorts?

One body part goes into a shirt—the trunk. Two body parts go into a ”pair of shorts”—your legs.

What does shorts mean in America?

/ʃɔːts/ us. government bonds that are paid back in a short time, usually less than two years. shares that someone has borrowed and sold, but does not own: Currently he has no Nasdaq 100 shorts.