Is nice the second largest city in France?

Nice – 341,522. Toulouse – 471,941. Lyon – 513,275. Marseille – 861,635.

Which is the 2nd largest city in France?

Marseille is the second-largest city in France, covering an area of 241 km2 (93 sq mi); it had a population of 870,018 in 2016.

What is the 10 largest cities in France?

The 10 largest cities in France

  1. Paris. Paris is not only the capital of France, but with 2,249,975 people also the most populous city of the country. …
  2. Marseille. …
  3. Lyon. …
  4. Toulouse. …
  5. Nice. …
  6. Nantes. …
  7. Strasbourg. …
  8. Montpellier.

What are the top 3 biggest cities in France?

Largest French cities classed by population of metropolitan area

Rank City Population by urban unit or conurbation
1 Paris* 10,550,350
2 Lyon* 1,584,738
3 Marseille* – Aix-en-Provence 1,565,879

Is nice a big city in France?

The capital of the Provence-Alpes-Côte dʻAzur (PACA) region is Marseille. It is a huge city with many inhabitants.

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What is the second capital of France?

Vichy sits in the Auvergne region in central France, which is not only one of France’s smallest regions, but one of the least populated in Europe. Vichy owes its quiet surroundings to its location beside the Allier River in part of the Massif Central; a breath taking chain of around 80 dormant volcanoes.

Is London the second biggest French city?

More French people live in London than in Bordeaux, Nantes or Strasbourg and some now regard it as France’s sixth biggest city in terms of population.

What is the 4th largest city in France?

France – 10 Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Paris , Île-de-France 2,138,551
2 Marseille , Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur 794,811
3 Lyon , Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 472,317
4 Toulouse , Occitanie 433,055

Is Lyon the second biggest city in France?

It is the third largest city in France, after Paris and Marseille. Lyon, France.

What are the 5 biggest cities in France by population?


Name 2021 Population
Paris 2,138,551
Marseille 794,811
Lyon 472,317
Toulouse 433,055

What are the 5 main cities in France?

5 cities to explore in France

  • Paris.
  • Bordeaux.
  • Marseille.
  • Nantes.
  • Lyon.

Is Paris the largest city in France?

Top 10 largest urban units in France

1 Paris Ile de France
2 Lyon Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
3 Marseille-Aix-en-Provence Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
4 Lille Hauts-de-France
5 Toulouse Occitania

Is Nice in Italy or France?

Nice, seaport city, Mediterranean tourist centre, and capital of Alpes-Maritimes département, Provence–Alpes–Côte-d’Azur région, southeastern France. The city is located on the Baie (bay) des Anges, 20 miles (32 km) from the Italian border.

Is nice Italian or French?

Located in the French Riviera, on the south east coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of the Alps, Nice is the second-largest French city on the Mediterranean coast and the second-largest city in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region after Marseille.

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What is the largest populated city in France?

Paris was in 2021 the most populated city in France with over two million inhabitants. Marseille and Lyon completed the podium.