Is Chouette feminine in French?

Is chouette in French masculine or feminine?

Chouette (adjective, both masculine and feminine) • Nice • /ʃwɛt/ Also means “owl”.

What does chouette mean in French not owl?

chouette (adjective): great, nice or cool.

What is a chouette?

Definition of chouette

: a method of scoring by which more than two persons can participate in a two-handed game (such as backgammon), one player accepting the bets of all other players on the result of a game between that player and one other active player — see in the box at box entry 2, captain sense 1p.

Why are there two words for owl in French?

An owl is correct because the word “owl” starts with a vowel “o”. The general rule is that a noun starting with a vowel should be articulated by “an” instead of “a” because it’s easy to say an owl rather than a owl.

How do you say cool in French slang?

Frais/fraîche. This is used exactly the same was as it is in English. Literally, frais means ‘fresh’ and will be used to describe food, but the younger generation also uses it to describe things that they deem ‘cool’.

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What is the difference between Hibou and Chouette?

The “owl” is referred to as une chouette or un hibou. … The difference between the two are minimal, the hibou generally has a crest (or aigrette) on its head, which is absent from the chouette.

Are Vachements rude?

Vachement is so popular that it has an entourage of derivatives that are also pretty intense: The noun une vacherie signifies “rottenness, meanness, a dirty trick,” or “a nasty remark”; the adjective vache means “rotten” or “nasty”; and the charming little expression parler comme une vache espagnole disparages one’s …

Do people still say Chouette?

But the younger generation doesn’t use these phrases anymore, and associates them with older people. The current slang has been influenced either by English or by ghetto slang. “Chouette” has been replaced by “cool”. “Vachement” has been replaced by “super”, “hyper”, mega”, which have fostered countless compounds.

What is Chou in English?

British English: cabbage /ˈkæbɪdʒ/ NOUN. A cabbage is a round vegetable with green leaves.

Is Owl feminine in French?

In French, in addition to the gender difference between “la chouette”, feminine (the owl) and “le hibou”, masculine (the owl), in the plural, the noun “chouette” takes an “s” (des chouettes = owls) while the noun “hibou” takes an “x” (des hiboux = owls).

What is unique called in French?

unique adjective. single, only, one, sole, nonesuch. exceptionnel adjective. exceptional, outstanding, unusual, amazing, rare.

Is Island masculine or feminine in French?

The gender of île is feminine. E.g. une île.

What is the Greek name for owl?

Tyto: A variation of the Greek word “tuto”, meaning “owl”.

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