Is Apple Pay available in France?

Apple Pay is accepted at a wide range of retailers in France, including Bocage, Le Bon Marché, Cojean, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Fnac, Sephora, Flunch, Parkeon, Pret, and more. Apple Pay payments can also be made at any location that accepts contactless payment options.

Can Apple Pay Pay internationally?

You Can Now Use This Service to Send Money Internationally via Apple Pay. … This means users on Apple devices will no longer have to insert their payments card or bank account details to send money via TransferWise, but will be able to transfer funds through their Apple Pay account, speeding up the process.

Does Apple Pay work in Paris?

No, Apple Pay can only be used for purchases, not ATM withdrawals. It’s exactly the same as using a contactless card (Paywave or Paypass or whatever it’s called in your home country).

Can I pay with Apple Pay in Europe?

Apple Pay works with many of the major credit and debit cards from the top banks. Just add your supported cards and continue to get all the rewards, benefits, and security of your cards. Contact your bank for more information. …

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Where is Apple Pay accepted UK?

In addition to the 39 Apple Stores in the UK, leading locations for everyday shopping that will accept Apple Pay include Boots UK, Co-op, BP, Costa Coffee, Dune, JD Sports, KFC UK & Ireland, Liberty, LIDL, Marks & Spencer (M&S), McDonald’s UK, Nando’s, New Look, Post Office, Pret A Manger, SPAR, Starbucks, SUBWAY …

Can I use Apple Pay in UK?

Apple Pay works across the entire Transport for London network. And with Express Mode, you don’t even need to authenticate your payment with Face ID or Touch ID. So paying for the Underground, Overground, buses and more is quick and easy. Simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the yellow card reader and go.

How can I use my iPhone in Paris?

It’s now possible to use an iPhone to charge Paris metro cards with both single journey tickets and daily, weekly, and monthly passes. You touch your Navigo card to your iPhone to authorize payment via Apple Pay, using the app to select the ticket or pass you want.

Can you use Apple Pay in Paris metro?

Navigo cards for travelling on the Paris metro and bus network are now supported on iPhone, with the ability to “recharge” passes using Apple Pay (via iGeneration). … Users can now buy a ticket within the app using ‌Apple Pay‌ and then add it to their physical Navigo card by scanning it on the back of the ‌iPhone‌.

Is apple card coming to Europe?

Apple Card is limited to the United States, but in the future, it could be expanding to additional countries much like ‌Apple Pay‌ has expanded, and Apple is already said to be in talks with European regulators about an expansion in Europe. Apple Card will be able to be used worldwide where Mastercard is accepted.

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Is Apple Pay available in Greece?

*Apple Pay is available in Greece, UK, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Croatia and Luxembourg.

Can I use Apple Pay in Spain?

Users need to use a credit or debit card with Apple Pay and, while the actual card numbers are not stored on the device, nor on Apple servers, a unique Device Accou nt Number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored in the Secure Element on devices.

Which countries is Apple card available?

You can add your credit, debit, or prepaid cards from participating banks and card issuers in these countries and regions:

  • Africa.
  • Asia-Pacific.
  • Europe.
  • Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Middle East.
  • North America.

Can I use Apple Pay abroad Lloyds?

Can I use Apple Pay when I’m abroad? All retailers who accept contactless payments will accept Apple Pay whether they’re in the UK or overseas.