How would you say this number in French 800?

800 – huit-cents. 822 – huit-cent-vingt-deux.

How do you say 800 in French?

800 – huit -ents – the t is silent.

How do you say the numbers in French?

Numbers 1-10 in French

  1. un.
  2. deux.
  3. trois.
  4. quatre.
  5. cinq.
  6. six.
  7. sept.
  8. huit.

How do you say 1000 in French?

All you have to do is say the number then add the world “mille” for thousand.

How do you say 1 million in French?

So while “one million” in English is 1,000,000, in French it’s 1.000. 000. Alternately, un million can also be written 1 000 000, where the periods are replaced by single spaces. What would you do with un million de dollars or deux virgule deux millions d’euros?

What is Deux cents?

Machine Translations. deux cent two hundred mst gt-Google Translate; mst-Microsoft Translate.

How do you count to 70 in French?

The number 70 is expressed by the numbers ”60 + 10”, soixante-dix. The numbers 71-79 add the numbers 60 + 11, soixante et onze, 60 + 12, soixante-douze, etc. The number 80 is expressed by the numbers ”4 x 20”, quatre-vingts. By adding the numbers 1-19 to quatre-vingts, you create the numbers 81-99.

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What are the French numbers 1 100?

French Numbers 1-100: How to Count to 100 in French

1-10 11-20 91-100
1 un 11 onze 91 quatre-vingt-onze
2 deux 12 douze 92 quatre-vingt-douze
3 trois 13 treize 93 quatre-vingt-treize
4 quatre 14 quatorze 94 quatre-vingt-quatorze

How do you say 999 999 in French?

The Number 999 in French

999 est le neuf cent quatre-vingt-dix-neuvième nombre.

What does Mille mean?

a thousand, one thousand, thousand.

How much zeros does a billion have?

If you write a 1 followed by nine zeros, you get 1,000,000,000 = one billion! That’s a lot of zeros! Astronomers often deal with even larger numbers such as a trillion (12 zeros) and a quadrillion (15 zeros).

Do they use 24 hour time in France?

While the French do use the 12-hour clock, you’ll see the 24-hour clock used on the digital clocks in France (as well as the rest of Europe). The 24-hour clock and the 12-hour clock are used interchangeably.