How much is Air France WIFI?

Customers can use this service in the following way: 3 euros for the entire duration of the trip on short-haul flights; As from 5 euros for the entire duration of the trip on medium-haul flights; 8 euros (2,700 Miles), for one hour or 18 euros (6,000 Miles) for the entire duration of the trip on long-haul flights.

How do I connect to Air France Wi-Fi?

Open the portal at

Type the URL using your regular Internet browser. Choose a WiFi option and activate it!

Does Air France have Gogo Wi-Fi?

More than half of the Air France-KLM fleet is equipped with Gogo 2Ku satellite connectivity including: 97 Boeing 777-200 and 777-300 27 Airbus A330-200 and A330-300 the internet and provide data attributes required to tailor the inflight connectivity services.

How much does international Wi-Fi cost?

Global cost is $16.99 for 7 days for 1 GB data in 65 countries or Europe Plus cost is for $7.99 for 7 days in 35 countries. Boingo Unlimited: Unlimited use of four devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones at more than 200,000 hotspots worldwide. The cost is $14.99 per month.

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Why is airplane Wi-Fi expensive?

The quality and price of your in-flight WiFi actually depend on four more things: your airline, aircraft, the in-flight Wi-Fi provider, and the region you’re traveling to and from. First of all, in an effort to cut costs, some airlines, like Frontier, don’t even offer WiFi.

How fast is Air France Wi-Fi?

Air France-KLM has chosen to install a new fast in-flight Wi-Fi system on its long-haul aircraft. The European group has selected Gogo’s 2Ku broadband technology, which claims to deliver peak speeds of 70+ mbps to the aircraft – making it similar to using broadband on the ground.

Does Air France 777 have Wi-Fi?

On board the redesigned Boeing 777-300s, customers can enjoy on-board Wi-Fi with Air France CONNECT. By the end of 2020, the entire Air France fleet will be equipped with Wi-Fi.

How do you pay for Wi-Fi on a plane?

Do you have to pay for plane Wi-Fi? Most airlines charge for inflight Wi-Fi, with some based on time usage and some on data usage. U.S. airlines tend to offer hourly or day passes available to purchase either prior to, or on the flight, and monthly and yearly subscription services with unlimited use.

Does Air France have premium economy?

Air France has a separate SkyPriority Premium Economy check-in over Economy and priority boarding over Economy, so there is a nice advantage at check-in and before you board. In fact, Premium Economy passengers are allocated SkyPriority Zone 2, so you board the plane right after those seated in Business Class.

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Does Air France have free messaging?

The airline has today launched its new in-flight Wi-Fi offering, dubbed Air France Connect, which adds free messaging and supports use across three devices (smartphone, tablet and computer). … It’s available on all long-haul flights, and includes all the benefits of the Message pass and the Surf pass.

How do I get WiFi internationally?

Top 5 Ways To Get Internet Abroad

  1. 1 Get an international plan with your phone carrier. (The least hassle at moderate prices; best for short trips) …
  2. 2 Use public WiFi in your destination country. …
  3. 3 Buy a local SIM card. …
  4. 4 Purchase or rent a personal mobile hotspot. …
  5. 5 Use Google Fi.

Is WiFi available on international flights?

International Wi-Fi is available on all Boeing 777-300ER flights. Wi-Fi can be purchased once on board; currently there is not a pre-purchase option for international Wi-Fi. Please visit to receive the most up-to-date information on pricing and specials for both domestic and international inflight Wi-Fi.

How do I get WiFi when traveling internationally?

The Best Options for Internet Access when Traveling

  1. Use Your Mobile Provider. …
  2. Buy a SIM Card for your trip. …
  3. Use a Mobile Hotspot. …
  4. Use a specialist roaming SIM. …
  5. Just use WiFi for Internet Access.

Why does airplane Wi-Fi suck?

The signal uses a limited amount of bandwidth from air to ground. The signal is distributed to the other customers on the plane and results in slow speeds for everyone. In that sense, then, the airlines’ price gouging for getting online is a form of quality control.

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How good is airplane Wi-Fi?

1. It Isn’t Cheap. Even though coverage is better than ever, the price of in-flight Wi-Fi remains extremely high. Restrictions on in-flight data use are easing as in-flight connectivity and network capacity increases, but you will still pay over-the-odds for a half-decent connection.

Is airplane Wi-Fi safe?

Inflight Wi-Fi is far from secure — and cybercriminals can target Wi-Fi networks used by travelers. … One, hackers could access your connection while on public Wi-Fi and steal the private information you transmit, from bank account numbers to email messages and social media passwords.