How many people go to uni in France?

The number of students registered at university of France has increased since 1980. There were 796,100 students in French universities in 1980, compared to more than 1.6 million in 2020. That same year, the number of students registered in higher education in France reached 2.72 million.

What percentage of students go to university in France?

In 2019, Eurostat has shown that more of 80 percent of individuals aged 25 and over had attained a upper secondary or tertiary education in France. The rising number of students registered in higher education in France shows that higher education has become more accessible and widespread within the French population.

Do most French students go to university?

Most French students choose not to attend university. More French students study business than engineering. Some students are studying for a teaching degree. They have programs in French for non-francophones to learn the language.

Do French students go to university?

Around 75% to 80% of students currently leave high school with a bacclauréat diploma and most go on to study at a French university. Nonetheless, only 44% of students who enroll in university go on to complete a degree. French public universities are open to all.

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How many international students were studying in France in 2018 choose?

In 2018/2019, there were 343,000 international students in France.

How many French people have a college degree?

The fact that 34% of the French population has a higher education degree places it in line with the average for OECD and European countries. However, the proportion of higher education graduates among 25- 34 year-olds is above the average for OECD and European countries (45%, compared to 42% and 40% respectively).

Is education in France good?

France has one of the most prestigious educational systems in the world. It is also one of the European countries that welcomes the highest number of international students annually. The country has many globally recognized universities including: HEC Paris.

Is university in France hard?

And, as I was discovering, the French grading scale is inherently more rigorous than the American model because of the different nature of higher education. … French students don’t apply to college.

Are French universities hard to get into?

Currently, France has the 5th-largest population of international students. Despite these statistics, some French universities can be very selective, and you will have very little chance of joining.

How are French degrees graded?

In general, grades above 16 are rarely awarded.

The French grading system.

International scale French scale
A (excellent) 20 – 16 (Très Bien)
B (very good, with few errors) 14 – 16 (Bien)
C (good, with some errors) 12 – 14 (Assez bien)
D (satisfactory, with many errors) 10 – 12 (Passable)

Is university free in France?

Study in France for free (or at low cost)

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Although technically university fees do exist at public universities in France, they’re just a fraction of those charged in most countries, amounting to just €170 (~US$190) per year at undergraduate level for EU/EEA/Swiss students.

What is France literacy rate?

The country boasts a 99 percent literacy rate. France’s higher education history is lengthy.

What age do you go to university in France?

All pupils go to collège, usually at age 11, but sometimes at an older age, if they have been made to repeat a year in primary school.

How many foreigners study in France?

In higher education in France, 295,100 students are foreign nationals, or one student in eight. Over the last ten years, foreign students account for almost a third (29%) of growth in student numbers. Three quarters of foreign students study at university.

What percentage of French students study abroad?

More than 17,000 students study abroad in France each year, and international students now make up 10 percent of the country’s college student population.

How many French universities are there in 2020?

France has about 80 state universities (the figure varies slightly as universities merge, or sometime split) , plus 5 Catholic universities (and a large number of private “institutes”, some of which award degrees.)