How long should a Leaving Cert French essay be?

Remember that you are given a guide of between 75 words and 90 words. Examiners don’t mind if you go over the word count, but they don’t appreciate reams of information either. I would always advise students to make their points with clarity, and constantly refer to the question being asked.

How long is the Leaving Cert French paper?

It is worth 80 marks (20 per cent) to higher-level students and 100 marks (25 per cent) to ordinary-level students. It has five sections and it lasts 40 minutes.

Is French hard for Leaving Cert?

“Muffled”, “horrendous” and “tricky” were just some student reactions on the Leaving Cert French aural paper, while teachers have said the written section of the exam was challenging and demanded independent thinking. … The reading was also quite okay, though some did mention that the language was difficult in parts.”

How long is LC French exam?

It is vital to get the timing correct for this exam – as it is very tight! A 2 and half hour exam – once you get the paper – go straight to the written questions and make your selection! Selecting the wrong question could ruin your exam – so please take the time to do this!

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How many marks is the French oral worth 2021?

The total mark allocation for the examination paper in 2021 is 290 marks, instead of the usual 400 marks. Instructions to candidates on the examination paper, Higher Level and Ordinary Level 2021. Section A Answer any four questions from this section.

How much is French aural worth?

The aural or listening comprehension is the final part of your exam. It is worth 80 marks, or 20% of your exam. There are five sections.

Will there be a Leaving Cert 2021?

Leaving Certificate 2021

In 2021, you had the choice to sit the written examination in June or get an accredited grade from the State Examination Commission (SEC) or both. You can find out more about the Leaving Certificate 2021 and accredited grades.

How many people get a H1 in French?

Across the languages, the number of people taking French, Spanish and German remained largely the same. In French, there were more students getting top marks with 6.2% achieving the grade and just 0.6% failed. Over 6,000 took German with 6.1% getting a H1 – but 2% failed.

What level of French is the Leaving Cert?

If you are not a beginner, you have to choose a module at a level which best matches your language skills. As a general guide, if you have studied the language to Leaving Certificate level, you should register to a Stage 4 module (LANG20440 French 4, LANG20450 German 4, LANG20470 Spanish 4).

Does the Leaving Cert matter?

Having a Leaving Cert exam is ‘absolutely essential’, guidance counsellor says. A guidance counsellor says holding a Leaving Certificate exam of some form is ‘absolutely essential’ for students. It comes as more than 2,200 pupils are receiving marks from the deferred Leaving Cert exam last year.

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How much is the French oral worth in Leaving Cert?

The oral exam is worth 25% of your overall mark and is marked out of 100.

How long is the Irish oral?

The exam is worth 40% of the total marks in the Leaving Certificate. The Irish Oral lasts about 15 minutes and is split into 4 sections. Have a ‘Welcome’ prepared. Students will be asked a few questions to put them at ease at the beginning of the exam, which accounts for 5 marks.

How do you do good reading comprehension in French?

Here are a few pre-reading strategies that are helpful.

  1. Look at the pictures.
  2. Look at the title.
  3. Scan text for familiar words.
  4. Brainstorm words that relate to the topic. These don’t need to be in the text. This can be done individually or as a class.