How long does it take to canoe from Cambridge to Paris Ontario?

Duration. 4-6 hours depending on how much you paddle and river flow rates.

How long does it take to canoe from Paris to Brantford?

Canoe is new and clean. The section from Paris to Brantford is quite easy, we did a short hike, and cool down at the cold creek which made the trip more fun for us. We saw a few deers,one turtle, a few herons and birds. We spent about 5 hours for this section but if you don’t stop it might be around 2-3 hours.

How long does it take to float from Paris to Brantford?

Paris to Brant Park Trip 13km

The Paris to Brant Park is our longest trip… about 5 hours average. It has more slow water on it where you have to paddle…

Can you canoe the whole Grand River?

You can combine canoeing, kayaking and camping with a partnership between Bingemans of Kitchener and Grand Experiences Outdoor Adventure Co. It happens on the Grand River, the largest watershed in southern Ontario that starts as a stream in Dufferin County and flows 280 kilometres to Lake Erie.

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How deep is the Grand River in Paris Ontario?

The Grand River averages 1 meter in depth with 2 meter deep pools. Many first time canoe, kayak, stand up paddle board clients prefer this route as it makes for a relaxing day or the perfect introduction. The Paris to Brant Park route is a scenic paddle from a quaint town setting into a pristine wilderness.

Can you kayak through Cambridge?

You can canoe along any section that we look after including the upper River in Grantchester, the Backs and the Lower River out through to Waterbeach. … For members of British Canoeing and Cambridge Canoe Club please see further information below.

Can you boat on the Grand River?

Boating and paddling on the Grand River

Paddling is a popular sport on the Grand and major tributaries including the Nith, Conestogo, Speed and Eramosa rivers. Visit this page for information on routes and access points.

Is it safe to float down the Grand River?

Just an hour west of Toronto, the Grand River is the ideal place to get your float on, particularly the section that runs from Paris, Ontario, to Brant Park. The calm, slow-moving current in that 13-km stretch is absolutely perfect for lazy-river tubing and will take you a good five hours to complete.

How fast is the Grand River flowing?

The Grand River discharges an estimated average 5,049 cubic feet per second (143.0 m3/s).

Can you paddleboard on the Grand River?

With the stand up paddleboard, you see the river from a different perspective. Allows you to read the water better and just see more things around you. … try a stand up paddleboard trip on the Grand… it is not that hard! Number of People per Boat: 1 per boat max.

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Where can I canoe in Brantford?


  • Cockshutt Bridge, Erie Avenue, Brantford. Boat ramp and parking. This river access point is maintained by the City of Brantford.
  • Kinsmen Park, Caithness Street East, Caledonia, just upstream of Caledonia Dam. Portage around the dam. This river access point is maintaned by Haldimand County.

What river goes through Paris Ontario?

The Nith River is approximately 125km in length and empties into the Grand River at the town of Paris.

Nith River
Nith River near Canning, Ontario
Location of the mouth of the Nith River in southern Ontario
Etymology Named after the River Nith in Scotland

How long is the Grand River?

River otters – intelligent, engaging, and famously playful – appear to be returning to our hills. They have been known in the Nottawasaga watershed for some time and have recently been observed at several locations in the Grand River watershed including Luther Marsh. … Otters range widely.

Are there beavers in the Grand River?

A wide variety of mammals call the banks of the Grand River home due to its quality habitat. … It is not unusual to see deer along the river, particularly in the early morning or evening. Red fox, coyotes, raccoons, rabbits, weasel, mink and beaver can also be seen under the right circumstances.

What fish live in the Grand River?

Walleye, small and largemouth bass, perch, crappie, pike, carp, brown trout, steelhead trout, channel catfish and white bass are just a few of the more abundant species present in the river. One of the most popular fish anglers target in the Grand River are brown trout.

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