How hard is French Oak?

Timber hardness is measured in a Janka rating, and each species of timber is given a rating. The higher the kN number, the greater the hardness. French Oak has a rating of 6.5kN.

Is French oak wood expensive?

On the scale of flooring options, vintage French Oak is at the more expensive end. This is due in part to the cost of sourcing the floorboards from old homes and farmhouses in France, and because of the expense of shipping the floor from Europe to America.

What is the difference between European oak and French oak?

The main difference between the two can be seen within the lines of the timber. Eastern European oak usually has black veins running parallel to the grain. French oak has very distinctive wavy patterns in the grain. French oak also fumes well, developing a dark walnut-brown colour.

What is French oak wood?

French oak wood has a calm structure featured in the beautiful flame grain pattern of the wood. The so-called ‘cat paws’ (small tassels) are characterizing for French oak. This wood species has a more calm grain pattern compared to rustic oak, because there are fewer and smaller knots allowed.

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Is French oak the best?

Overall, it is considered to be more durable than the American type. It is less likely to expand and contract, so splits, or cracks are rare. It’s sought after because of its balance of durability and good looks. And because the sapwood is quite thin, long lengths and wide widths are usually available.

Is French oak good for flooring?

Reasons to choose French oak for your floor

Oak is a durable and highly versatile building material. Oak trees grow slowly and steadily, creating a level of strength and resilience that make their wood particularly ideal for crucial structures, such as floors.

Is French oak Red or white?

To start off, both American oak and French oak are species of white oak. Red oak is never used for winemaking because it is too porous. While there are many different types of white oak, three are most used for wine cooperage. These are Quercus Alba, Quercus Petraea (also known as sissile oak) and Quercus Robur.

How much does it cost to install 1000 square feet of hardwood floors?

The average cost to install hardwood floors on 1,000 sq. feet is between $6,115 and $10,140 with most homeowners spending about $8,127 for materials and professional labor.

Is French oak the same as English oak?

Yes, they are the same thing, though you won’t be steeping your french oak framing! … French Oak is a white oak, originating from two native French oak species. It’s also commonly used for wine barrels, as well as hard-wearing wood floors!

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Is French oak a hardwood?

European Oak and French Oak are two of the most popular wood options for hardwood flooring.

What Colour is French oak?

French and American Oak is normally light to dark brown in colour, with French tending to be a little darker. Both being hard, strong and heavy. They lend themselves to a strong finish.

Where does French oak come from?

Most of the French oak for barrels comes from one of five forests, some of which were originally planted during Napoleonic times for shipbuilding. The main forests, mostly located in central France, are Allier, Limousin, Nevers, Tronçais and Vosges, and each is considered to have distinctive characteristics.

How do you clean French oak wood floors?

For daily cleaning, vacuum or sweep the floor, or wipe with a damp mop or cloth. Mopping or sweeping the floor will minimize wear from abrasive grit and dirt. 2. Wipe up spillages as soon as possible with a damp mop or wiping cloth which has been well wrung out to remove all excess water.

What is French cut oak?

French cut is a variation of live sawn cutting, where the log is cut straight through with each cut parallel to the last. This leaves a mix of plain, quarter, and rift sawn woods (about a third of each).

What is French oak extract used for?

A peer-reviewed, published registry study shows that supplementing with French oak wood extract can help improve sleep quality and mood and reduce daytime sleepiness and overall fatigue.