How do you write parents in French?

What is the plural of parent in French?

parent n (plural: parents)

Je téléphone à mes parents chaque semaine.

Are parents masculine or feminine in French?

Family Vocabulary in French

Masculine Feminine Plural
Le père [father] La mère [mother] Les parents [parents]
Le frère [brother] La soeur [sister] Les frères et soeurs [siblings]
Le fils [son] La fille [daughter] Les enfants [children]
Le grand-père [grandfather] La grand-mère [grandmother] Les grand-parents [grandparents]

What do you call parents in French?

French: parent père, mère.

How do you write parent in French?

parents; père et mère.

How do you say parents in different languages?

In other languages parent

  1. Arabic: والِدٌ أوْ وَالِدَةٌ
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: pai.
  3. Chinese: 父亲或母亲
  4. Croatian: roditelj.
  5. Czech: rodič
  6. Danish: forælder.
  7. Dutch: ouder.
  8. European Spanish: uno de los padres.

What are French parents like?

Parents are in charge; they use language to establish rules and boundaries, saying things like “it’s me that decides.” The French family is not considered a democracy; French parents have “authority without seeming like dictators.”

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How do you introduce your family in French?

Try using some of these phrases to introduce your own family members:

  1. Voici mon père – Here is my father.
  2. Voici ma mère – Here is my mother.
  3. Voici mon frère – Here is my brother.
  4. Voici ma sœur – Here is my sister.
  5. Voici mes parents – Here are my parents.
  6. Voici mes grands-parents – Here are my grandparents.

Is family in French masculine or feminine?

‘Family’ in French is la famille (pronounced la fam mee), and the noun is feminine because the article in front of the noun – la- is feminine.

What is a French father called?

French Translation. père. More French words for father. le père noun. dad, parent, papa.

How do French call their mother?

‘Maman’ is the informal word for mother, it is closest to ‘mommy’. You can also contract it into ‘m’man’ (so ‘maman’ without pronouncing the first ‘a’), which is like ‘mom’. ‘Mère’ is the formal word and is closest to ‘mother’.

How do you say dad in Canada?

we pronounce it as fahder. According to Oxford Canadian Dictionary, the Canadian pronunciation of FATHER has the /Q/ vowel, back rounded vowel, similar to General American (unmerged) pronunciation of CAUGHT, COFFEE, ALL, CALL, WALL… Some Canadians still use the unrounded vowel, like most Americans.

What do French people call their family?

One of the interesting things about la famille and French family vocabulary is that the word parent means not just “parent” as in mother or father, but also “relative.” It can be both a noun and an adjective.

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What do you call your non binary parent?

“Parents as in the formal words mother or father, or the informal mama or dada. Gender-neutral and gender-inclusive words for a parent of any gender, or non-standard specifically nonbinary, queer, or genderqueer words. Baba. “Neutral, based on mama and dada.”

Is parents masculine or feminine in Italian?

A word that many English speakers find confusing when they first start learning Italian is parente (masculine and feminine, plural: parenti). Despite bearing a strong resemblance to the English word parent, it actually means relative or family member in modern Italian.

Is MES masculine or feminine?

Possessive adjectives – Easy Learning Grammar French

with masculine singular noun with feminine singular noun with plural noun (masculine or feminine)
mon ma (mon) mes
ton ta (ton) tes
son sa (son) ses
notre notre nos