How do you write jeans in French?

What is the French word for jeans?

1. jean (pantalon): jean.

What gender is jeans in French?

The gender of jean is masculine. E.g. le jean.

Is jeans plural in French?

In France, jean is following the same pattern than pantalon so is always used as a singular (un) although sometimes the final s is kept (un jeans). There is the same difference with short (French: un short, English: a pair of shorts).

Is denim a French word?

‘Denim’ originated as a contraction of the French phrase serge de Nîmes (serge from Nîmes). Denim has been used in the United States since the mid-19th century.

How do you say jeans in different languages?

In other languages jeans

  • American English: jeans /dˈʒinz/
  • Arabic: مَلابِسُ الـجِينْزُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: jeans.
  • Chinese: 牛仔裤
  • Croatian: traperice.
  • Czech: džíny.
  • Danish: jeans.
  • Dutch: jeans.

How do you spell the name Jean?

It is the equivalent of Johanna, Joanna, Joanne, Jeanne, Jana, and Joan, and derives from the Old French Jehanne, which is derived from the Latin name Johannes, itself from the Koine Greek name Ioannes (Ιωαννης).

Jean (female given name)

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Related names Jeanne, Jane, Joan, Jeannette, Janet, Jean (male given name)

What is blue jeans in French?

More French words for blue jeans. bleu jean noun. blue jeans, jeans.

What is T shirt in French?

T-shirt. More French words for T-shirt. le T-shirt noun. T-shirt. tee-shirt.

Can you say jean instead of jeans?

Jeans are always used in the plural form (just like trousers or pants), so the word jean is incorrect.

Is Belt feminine in French?

The gender of ceinture is feminine. E.g. la ceinture.

Is shirt masculine or feminine in French?

La chemise (feminine) is a (men’s) shirt. Le chemisier (masculine) is a (women’s) blouse.

What means denim jeans?

Denim is a kind of heavy cotton material that’s used to make jeans. You might think you look really cool in your rhinestone-studded denim jacket . … Denim is usually dark blue, and mostly used to make durable work wear, like jeans and overalls. In some places, people call blue jeans denims.

Are all jeans denim?

The short answer is no. Most dictionaries will define jeans as casual-wear trousers made from denim or other sturdy cotton fabric. Hence, canvas jeans, for example, are a possible iteration of jeans.

Why is denim called denim?

The term “denim” derives from the French “serge de Nimes”, meaning “serge (a sturdy fabric) from Nimes”. Yet the fabric is no longer produced anywhere in France. Sagot therefore buys the denim canvas from the Venice region of Italy, made on an old shuttle-loom from the 1950s. Nimes once had a booming textile industry.

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