How do you use ton and votre in French?

What is the difference between Votre and Ton?

It says: When talking to someone informally that you would us “tu” with you should use ton for masc., ta for fem., and tes for plural. What talking to someone you would address with “vous” you should use votre for masc.

How do you use Votre and VOS?

“Votre” is a possessive adjective in singular form. “Vos” is a possessive adjective in plural form.

Is Votre or VOS formal?

They love their parents. Nous promenons notre chien. We walk our dog. Vous faites vos devoirs.

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Singular Plural
your (vous) votre vos
their leur leurs

Is ton in French formal or informal?

The French translation for “your (informal masculine singular)” is ton.

What are two ways that Votre and Vos are different from Ton TA & TES?

The equivalent of your in French is ton/ta/tes for someone you call tu, or votre/vos for someone you call vous.

  • Possessive adjectives come before the noun they refer to. …
  • You use mon, ton and son with feminine singular nouns when the following word begins with a vowel.
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What is the difference between tu and vous in French?

Knowing when to use which French pronoun will help you navigate through many social situations. “Tu” is only used to address one person, while “vous” is used to address one or more people. As a singular second person pronoun, “vous” is used in more formal contexts while “tu” is more familiar.

Does votre have an accent?

You only use a circonflex accent (^) on the ours and yours forms of the possessive pronouns. …

How do you use Notre?

Notre and nos are both possessive adjectives and mean ‘our’, you use notre when there is one single substantive (masculine or feminine) and nos when there are more than one : notre chat = “our cat”, nos chats = “our cats”, notre poule = “our hen”, nos poules = “our hens”.

What are ways to show possession?

To make two nouns show separate possession, add an apostrophe and an “s” after each possessive noun. Ex: Kari’s and Lynn’s bikes are in excellent condition. (They each have a bike.) To make two nouns show joint possession, add an apostrophe only to the second unit.

What votre means?

belonging to you (singular; one owner)

How do you conjugate my in French?

For beginners:

  1. Singular possessors (my | your | his/her/its) (mon, ma, mes | ton, ta, tes | son, sa, ses)
  2. Plural possessors (our | your | their) (notre, nos | votre, vos | leur, leurs)

What conjugation do you use for NOS?

8 Answers

Singular Plural
1st person me (me) nos (us)
2nd person te (you, familiar) os (you, familiar plural)
3rd person lo, la (him, her, you formal) los, las (them, you, formal plural)
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Is tonne a French word?

tonne | translate French to English: Cambridge Dictionary.

Is Livre masculine or feminine?

The word for book in French is livre and is a masculine noun. It is pronounced, ‘lee-vruh. ‘ The sentence, ‘Paul has a book’ is Paul a un livre in…