How do you spell turquoise in French?

How do you write Turquoise in French?

▸ Dictionary (French)

  1. bleu turquoise adj— turquoise blue adj.
  2. eau turquoise f— turquoise sea n.
  3. couleur turquoise f— turquoise colorAE n. · turquoise colourBE n.
  4. mer turquoise f— turquoise sea n. · turquoise ocean n.

Is the word turquoise French?

From Middle French Turquoise, from Old French (pierre) turquoise (“Turkish (stone)”), from turc +‎ -ois. The stone, mined near Nishapur in the Khorasan region of Persia, was originally brought to Europe through Turkey.

What is turquoise in other languages?

American English: turquoise /ˈtɜrkwɔɪz/ Brazilian Portuguese: turquesa. Chinese: 绿松石 European Spanish: turquesa. French: turquoise.

How do you spell Aqua in French?

“aqua” in French

  1. acide nitrique dilué
  2. eau-forte.

Why is turquoise called Turquoise?

The word “turquoise” comes from the French pierre tourques for “Turkish stone.” Meanwhile, pre-Columbian Native Americans mined the turquoise stone throughout the present-day southwestern United States.

Is Turquoise feminine or masculine?

( Turquoise: Feminine, Retro Feel, Sophisticated, Soft.)

What is a French color?

Bleu de France (Blue of France) is a colour traditionally used to represent France. Blue has been used in the heraldry of the French monarchy since at least the 12th century, with the golden fleurs-de-lis of the kings always set on a blue (heraldic “azure”) background.

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What Colours in French are feminine?

French adjectives of simple colours agree in gender and number with the noun they modify. Note that colours ending in mute -e, such as jaune (yellow), rose (pink), rouge (red) and orange remain the same in the feminine.

What are Colours in French?

The most common colors in French

  • red – rouge.
  • yellow – jaune.
  • blue – bleu/bleue.
  • green – vert/verte.
  • orange – orange.
  • white – blanc/blanche.
  • black – noir/noire.
  • gray – gris/grise.

How do you say blue in other languages?

In other languages blue

  1. Arabic: أَزْرَق
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: azul.
  3. Chinese: 蓝色的
  4. Croatian: plav.
  5. Czech: modrý
  6. Danish: blå
  7. Dutch: blauw.
  8. European Spanish: azul.

What language uses Aqua?

aqua- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “water”. This meaning is found in such words as: aquaculture, aquarium, aquatic, aqueduct, aqueous, aquifer.