How do you say surprise surprise in French?

What is quelle surprise mean?

Foreign words

For example, ‘quelle surprise’ is French but we use it in English to mean ‘what a surprise’ without changing the French at all. In fact, we even pronounce ‘surprise’ in the French way, rather than the English way.

Is surprise a French word?

Prendre sur le fait, trouver dans une action, dans un état où on ne croyait pas être vu, en parlant de quelqu’un.


From To Via
• surprise → surprendre ↔ überraschen

What do French people say when they’re shocked?

Use “oh la vache!”, or simply “la vache!”, to express surprise or admiration.

Do you pronounce the first R in surprise?

How to Spell Surprise. There is only one generally accepted spelling of surprise: two r’s and two s’s in total. Spelling the word without the first r—suprise—is an easy mistake to make. We often don’t pronounce the first r, suh-prize, which might lead you to think that there’s no r there at all.

Do a surprise or make a surprise?

Neither wording sounds natural. As a noun, “surprise” fits in a category with things like “party”, “event”, and “accident”. These are not actions that you carry out, so “do” doesn’t fit; nor are they things that you create or craft, so “make” doesn’t fit either.

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What is the difference between Quelle and Quel in French?

Like most adjectives, it has four forms: masculine singular (quel) and plural (quels), and feminine singular (quelle) and plural (quelles). … Quel is an adjective, and an adjective describes a noun, so that’s the big clue: Look for the noun that quel could accompany.

What is the meaning of Quelle?

quelled, quell·ing, quells. 1. To put down forcibly; suppress: Police quelled the riot. 2. To pacify; quiet: finally quelled the children’s fears.

How do you say surprise in every language?

In other languages surprise

  1. American English: surprise /sərˈpraɪz/
  2. Arabic: مُفَاجَأَة
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: surpresa.
  4. Chinese: 惊喜
  5. Croatian: iznenađenje.
  6. Czech: překvapení
  7. Danish: overraskelse.
  8. Dutch: verrassing.

What is wow in French?

wow → oh là là, ouah, pouah, ouais, waouh. wow → ouh là là

Why was the French surprise?

When he entered in class he got surprised because there was silent and calmness because his teacher M. Hamel was leaving the school.

What Bleu means?

Bleu, meaning “blue” in French, rhymes with Dieu, making it a handy way to avoid blasphemy.

How do you express awe in French?

“J’en reviens pas” is another expression to express astonishment or amazement in French.

How do you express happiness in French?

French Expressions To Express Your Happiness

  1. Je suis heureux/ heureuse. I am happy. …
  2. Ça me réjouit. It delights me. …
  3. Je suis ravi(e). I’m delighted. …
  4. Je suis content(e) I am happy. …
  5. Je suis fou/ folle de joie ! I am crazy with joy! …
  6. J’ai la patate./ J’ai la frite! …
  7. Je suis bien dans ma peau. …
  8. J’ai la banane.
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