How do you say student in France?

student → étudiant, étudiante, élève. student → étudiant, élève, écolier, écolière.

What is a student called in France?

The word for student in French is étudiant when referring to a male student, and étudiante when referring to a female.

How do I say I’m a student in French?

More French words for I am a student. I am a student.

How to say I am a student in French.

I am ashamed of myself I am a programmer
I am a teacher I am at home
I am at your service I am awesome

How do you say student in different languages?

In other languages student

  1. Arabic: طَالِب
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: estudante.
  3. Chinese: 学生
  4. Croatian: student.
  5. Czech: student.
  6. Danish: studerende.
  7. Dutch: student.
  8. European Spanish: estudiante.

Is students in French feminine?

The French translation for “a student (female)” is une étudiante. The French, une étudiante, can be broken down into 2 parts:”a (feminine)” (une) and “student (female)” (étudiante).

Are UA student in French?

Originally Answered: How do you say “Are you a student?” In French? Vous êtes étudiant(e)? Tu es étudiant(e) ? Es-tu étudiant(e)?

What does pupil mean in French?

1. (= student) élève mf. 2. [ of eye] pupille f.

How do you say Marie is a student in French?


  1. Marie. est. étudiante. . Marie is a student.
  2. Julia. est. étudiante. . Julia is a student.
  3. Elle. est. étudiante. . She is a student.
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Is school male in French?

The word for school in French is école. This is a noun, so like all nouns it is classified by gender – either masculine or feminine. The gender of the noun école, however, is not at all related to the gender of the students that attend the school.

Is school in French feminine?

When a French noun describes a live being, its gender (masculine or feminine) often reflects the gender of the being in question. … Others are always feminine, like une voiture (a car), une maison (a house), and une école (a school).