How do you say Mami in French?

What is mami in French?

grandma [noun] (informal) grandmother. granny [noun] a grandmother. I have two grannies.

What do you call a girl in French?

The word for girl in French is fille.

How do you say hi mama in French?

Translation of “Hi, mama” in French. Hi, Mama, it’s Linds. Salut, maman, c’est Linds.

Is cousin in French feminine?

The gender of cousin is masculine. E.g. le cousin. The feminine form is la cousine.

How do you spell Mamie?

Mamie is a feminine given name and nickname (often of Mary) which may refer to: Given name: Mamie Clark (1917–1983), African American psychologist. Mamie Eisenhower (1896–1979), wife of President Dwight D.

How do you say Beautiful Girl in French?

beautiful girl n

joli brin de fille nm.

Does Belle mean beauty in French?

Beau and its feminine form, belle, mean are the French words for “beautiful” or, depending on the context, “handsome”.

How do you say baby girl in French?


  1. (= child) fille f ⧫ fillette f. a five-year-old girl une petite fille de cinq ans ⧫ une fillette de cinq ans. …
  2. (= young unmarried woman) jeune fille. a sixteen-year-old girl une jeune fille de seize ans. …
  3. (= daughter) fille f. They’ve got a girl and two boys. …
  4. the girls (informal) (= female friends) les filles.
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How do you greet a mother in French?

5 Ways to Say Mother in French

  1. Maman = mom (you could possibly call your mom “mère” but it is quite distant and not very used nowadays)
  2. une maman = a mom (informal)
  3. une mère = a mother (more formal)
  4. une daronne = mom in modern French slang (I don’t recommend you use it, it can be pejorative)

How do you say parents in French?


  1. parents, le ~ (m) Noun.
  2. père et mère, le ~ (m) Noun.

Does mon ami mean friend?

Mon ami (or mon amie in the feminine) means “my friend.” … Using “Mon ami” alone as “Hello my friend” will make you sound like you only know French clichés – and you deserve better!

Is it ma cousin or Mon cousin?

For example, to say ‘my (male) cousin,’ you will need to use the masculine form of the possessive adjective ‘my’: mon cousin. The word for a female cousin is slightly different: cousine. Since this is a feminine noun, the articles and adjectives should also be feminine. ‘My (female) cousin’ is, ma cousine.