How do you impossible in French?

How do French people say impossible?

Il m’est impossible de partir. It’s impossible for me to leave now. Il m’est impossible de partir maintenant.

Is Impossible French?

The French expression impossible n’est pas français is actually a proverb, equivalent to “there’s no such thing as can’t” or simply “nothing is impossible.” In French, you should never say that something is impossible, because, according to the proverb, impossible isn’t even a French word.

What does C est impossible?

it’s no use it’s impossible or useless.

How do you say impossible in different languages?

In other languages impossible

  1. Arabic: مُسْتَحِيلٌ
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: impossível.
  3. Chinese: 不可能的
  4. Croatian: nemoguć
  5. Czech: nemožný
  6. Danish: umulig.
  7. Dutch: onmogelijk.
  8. European Spanish: imposible.

How do you say impossible in Japanese anime?

(bakana!)”, which means “impossible” I would say.

Is C est a verb?

C’est is ce (C’) combined with est (“is” form of the verb être.) It translates to it is, this is, and that is.

Is Subjonctif possible?

Yes, il est possible / c’est possible requires the subjunctive: Par exemple… Il est possible / c’est possible que ma sœur le fasse pour nous.

Does impossible use subjunctive?

Yes, il est impossible / c’est impossible requires the subjunctive: Par exemple…

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