How do French Connection T shirts fit?

What size is a French connection medium?

Clothing Apparel Size Chart

French Connection Size Bust Waist
XS (2) 32 inch 81 cm 251/2 inch 65 cm
S (4) 33 inch 84 cm 261/2 inch 67 cm
M (6) 341/2 inch 88 cm 291/2 inch 75 cm
M (8) 361/2 inch 93 cm 291/2 inch 75 cm

Are French Connection T shirts good quality?

Another positive is that consumers tend to view French Connection as producing good quality products. Its Quality score currently stands at +16, which does compare well to its high-street rivals. Indeed it is 14th in our list of fashion brands on this rating.

Is French connection the same as FCUK?

French Connection (also branded as FCUK or fcuk) is a UK-based global retailer and wholesaler of fashion clothing, accessories and homeware. … French Connection distributes its clothing and accessories through its own stores in the UK, US and Canada and through franchise and wholesale arrangements globally.

What is an Italian size 40 in UK?

Customer Service

Italy / Europe UK USA
40 7 10
40,5 7.5 10.5
41 8 11
41,5 8.5 11.5

What has happened to French Connection?

French Connection has been sold to a consortium including its second-largest shareholder in a deal valuing the fashion chain at £29m.

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Is French Connection still a good brand?

Among all respondents, French Connection is bottom when it comes to whether a brand provides good value for money. It ranks far higher when it comes to quality (in sixth), but French Connection clearly has an issue. … Comparing French Connection to two other fashion brands – H&M and Zara – illustrates the problem it has.

Who is buying French Connection?

Apinder Singh Ghura, who in February bought a 25% stake in French Connection from Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group, the owner of Sports Direct, teamed up to buy out the brand with a Manchester-based business partner, Amarjit Singh Grewal, and KJR Brothers, which is led by Rafiq Patel, a textile businessman.

Why is it called the French connection?

Illegal heroin labs were first discovered near Marseille, France, in 1937. … For years, the Corsican underworld had been involved in the manufacturing and trafficking of heroin, primarily to the United States. It was this heroin network that eventually became known as “the French Connection”.