How did the American and French Revolutions influence Latin America?

Both of the revolutions inspired the Latin Americans and were also inspired by enlightenment ideas such as liberty, equality and freedom. … Latin American leaders saw Spain’s weakness as an opportunity to demand independence. B. Latin American leaders wanted to prepare in case Napoleon invaded their lands.

How did the American and French Revolutions influence the revolutions in Latin America?

The American, French, and Haitian revolutions brought forth new expressions of individual rights and freedom that began to influence similar actions in the colonies of Latin America. … Following Napoleon’s disruption of royal power, some Latin American colonies established their own governments.

How did American Revolution affect Latin America?

The American Revolution influenced Latin America because it was the first modern movement of anticolonialism. Drawing its ideology from the Enlightenment, it manifested a deep faith in the ability of people to advance their rights.

How were the French American and Latin American revolutions related?

The Wars: New Nations

While the French Revolution produced changes within the borders of France, the Latin American Wars of Independence established independent countries throughout large portions of South America, including Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile.

What ideas influenced the revolutions in Latin America?

These philosophers inspired revolution, or uprising against a mother country, in the United States, France, and eventually Latin America. The main influences on the Latin American rebellions were the Enlightenment ideas of of equality, self rule, and freedom.

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How did the American Revolution influence the French Revolution quizlet?

Why did the American Settlers decide to revolt against England? … How did the American Revolution influence the French Revolution? The French helped the American colonists win their independence from the British and were inspired by the idea of liberty. What problems did the French people have with King Louis XVI?

What caused the Latin American revolutions?

The immediate trigger of the conflict was Napoleon’s invasion of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) in 1807 and 1808, but its roots also lay in the growing discontent of creole elites (people of Spanish ancestry who had been born in Latin America) with the restrictions imposed by Spanish imperial rule.