How did France react to the declaration that it was his last French lesson?

Hamel declared that it was their last French lesson a grim realisation dawned on Franz that he had so much more yet to learn. He felt sorry for whiling away his time and skipping his lessons.

How did French react to the declaration?

“This is your last French lesson.” How did Franz react to this declaration of M. … He felt guilty for not learning his lessons. He also knew very little about the French language. Suddenly he developed a strange fascination for his language.

How did French react to the declaration that it was their last French lesson?

Franz was shocked to hear that M. hamel was leaving and that it was his last lesson. He realized that he would not able to read and speak his own mother language.

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How did France feel during the last lesson?

Franz was sorry for not learning his French lessons. His books, that had seemed such a bother till a while back, were now precious and he felt he could not give them up. He had disliked his teacher, M. Hamel, but now he felt sad at the thought of him going away.

What did Franz think after hearing about the last lesson?

Answer : When M Hamel announced that it was their last French lesson, Franz realised he had so much more to learn. He felt sorry for whiling away his time and skipping his lessons.

How was the last lesson different from earlier lessons?

Ans. The last lesson was different from earlier lessons in many ways. It revealed the love and respect of the teacher and students for their mother tongue. … This lesson was attended by villagers to show their love and respect for their mother tongue and M.

What happened at last how did M Hamel last the class?

Answer: Answer : At the end of his ‘Last Lesson’, M Hamel stood up to say farewell to his students and the people of the town but overwhelming emotion chocked his voice. He then wrote ‘Vive La France! ‘ as large as he could on the blackboard; and dismissed the class with a gesture of his hand.

How did French feelings about M Hamel and school change?

How did Franz’s feelings about M. Hamel and school change? Ans: Franz came to know that it was the last lesson in French that M. Hamel would give them. … Then he felt sorry for not learning his lessons properly. His books, which seemed a nuisance and a burden earlier were now old friends.

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What did M Hamel say about the French language?

Hamel told them that French was the most beautiful language in the world. It was the clearest and the most logical language. He asked them to guard it among them and never _ forget it.

What are thunderclap these words to me?

“What a thunder clap these words were to me !” Which were the words that shocked and surprised little Franz? The following words of Mr. Hamel shocked and surprised little Franz. They were thunderclap to him.

How did French spend the day of the last lesson at school?

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Franz was at his best as a student on the day of last lesson of M. … So he gave his hundred percent that day to the last lesson from M. Hamel. As a result he understood everything that day.

Why was it the speaker’s last French lesson?

Answer: When Franz came to know that it was his last lesson in French,he felt a great love for his mother tongue. He realised the loss that he was going to suffer. So, a sense of love and interest for his mother tongue emerged in him and he said that he had the courage to hear every lesson to the very last.

Why did Mr Hamel say it was the last French lesson?

Answer : The French teacher M Hamel announced that he would be teaching his last French lesson that day because the orders had come from Berlin to teach only German in schools of Alsace and Lorraine.

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What did Franz regret?

He forgot all about Mr. Hamel’s ruler and hard discipline. Now he thought the books as his old friends whom he could not give up. He regretted and realised his foolishness.

What changes did the little Franz undergo after M Hamel’s announcement?

What changes came over little Franz after he heard M Hamel’s announcement? Answer: After hearing the announcement, Franz was very sad and he regretted not learning his lessons, and being deprived of the opportunity to learn his own mother tongue. His books suddenly became his ‘old friends’ whom he could not abandon.

When Franz reached his school what unusual situation did he observe?

Answer: Franz noticed that the school was unusually quiet. Usually, there was a great commotion of the opening and closing of desks, of lessons repeated in unison, and the teacher’s huge ruler rapping on the table.