How close are the fires to Lyons?

Is Estes Park closed due to fires?

Fire Restrictions & Information. Businesses are open in the Town of Estes Park. While there has been wildfire activity in the area, crews have a handle on the containment process and everything is getting back to normal.

Is there a fire ban in Lyons co?

Level 2 Fire Restrictions have been enacted in the Town of Lyons and western Boulder County, effective immediately. … The fire ban PROHIBITS: Building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire, or stove fire on private and public lands.

Is the Estes Park fire contained?

The Kruger Rock fire, burning southeast of Estes Park, is 100% contained, and the fire has scorched 147 acres.

Where is the fire in Estes?

Where is the fire? The Kruger Rock fire is located on the southeast edge of Estes Park, near the Kruger Rock Trail and Hermit Park Open Space. According to the latest update from officials, the fire was 133 acres and 15% contained.

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How close is Estes Park to the fire?

As of Thursday afternoon, the Kruger Rock fire near the southeastern tip of Estes Park, about 40 miles northwest of Boulder, had burned 146 acres and was 60 percent contained, Larimer County officials said on Facebook. More than 200 firefighters were battling the blaze.

Can you smoke cigarettes in Estes Park?

You should not encounter people smoking or consuming marijuana products in Estes Park’s public areas, including inside restaurants and lounges. Smoking or consuming marijuana-based products is, and will continue to be, illegal in public spaces in Colorado, including Estes Park.

Can I have a backyard fire in Boulder County?

No open burning is allowed within city limits, including portable/mobile outdoor fireplaces. This restriction applies to you unless: The burning is a safety flare used to indicate some danger to the public.

What is a Stage 1 fire ban in Colorado?

1. No open flame that is not in permanently constructed fire ring in a developed recreation site (such as a campground or picnic area.) 2. No building, maintaining or using a fire, campfire, charcoal broiler or a coal or wood burning stove anywhere on public lands including campgrounds.

Are fire pits legal in Boulder?

In the city of Boulder, fire pits, chimineas and any other type of open burning are not allowed, Lowrey says. … And any open fire must be at least 25 feet from property lines.

How much of Rocky Mountain National Park has burned?

Damage to the park was substantial, though. Nearly 29,000 acres burned. Some 54 miles of its 350 miles of trails were affected by the East Troublesome fire, including 33 miles on the west side and 16 miles on the east side.

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Is there still a fire ban in Colorado?

No local fire restrictions in place.

When was the last fire in Rocky Mountain National Park?

On October 21, 2020, the East Troublesome Fire ran approximately 18 miles before it moved into the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park, and then spotted approximately 1.5 miles from the head of Tonahutu Creek on the west side of the Continental Divide to the head of Spruce Creek on the east side of the …

How big is the fire in Estes Park?

The fire has burned 146 acres fire officials said

16, 2021, outside Estes Park.

Is there a fire ban in Larimer County?

There are currently no Larimer County or City of Fort Collins fire bans in place.

What caused Estes Park fire?

In an emailed statement, Kate Rusch, a public information officer with Estes Park, said a preliminary investigation by the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office found the fire was likely sparked after a tree fell onto an electric distribution line amid high winds. Rusch confirmed the town owns the power line.