How are funerals arranged in France?

The burial process in France consists of placing the body of the deceased in a grave, most often in a cemetery, and always in a coffin according to French law. The chosen cemetery for the funeral can be in the place where the deceased died, lived or where the family vault lies.

How do funerals work in France?

A funeral ceremony in France can be secular and conducted by a funeral director, or religious and take place at a place of worship. After a death, the family have up to six working days (not including weekends or public holidays) to decide whether the deceased should have a cremation or burial.

How many days after death is a funeral in France?

Funerals in France must take place within 6 working days of death, unless there are exceptional circumstances. You will need to specify the details: whether it is to be a cremation or burial, how the body will be transported, what ceremony will take place…

What happens in France when someone dies?

The deceased person will be kept at the hospital morgue and then you can arrange a transfer to the funeral parlour/home or your home. This must take place within 24 hours (or 48 hours if the body is embalmed). A death must be declared at the town hall in the locality where the death occurred within 24 hours.

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How is cremation arranged in France?

To have a local burial or cremation, a relative or a formally appointed representative needs to appoint a local funeral director. The funeral director will be able to explain the local process. A medical certificate certifying the death is issued by the local doctor and serves as a burial permit.

Is it illegal to keep ashes at home in France?

*Since 2008, the law states that ashes are not to be kept at home and only those who have been cremated before 19 December 2008 (and have collected them) are able to. Now families have a year to make a choice of what to do and they a few of choices: Garden of Remembrance, or. Columbarium.

How do the French honor the dead?

Many Christians honor the lives of their deceased relatives and all the saints on All Saints’ Day (La Toussaint). They visit special church services and place flowers on family graves. In France, it is also a popular period for a short autumn (fall) vacation.

Can you be buried in France?

In France, burial (inhumation) without a coffin is prohibited. Burial in a commune’s cemetery is authorised by the Mayor. It must take place from 24 hours to six days (excluding Sundays and public holidays) following the death. … A burial may be organsied by a funeral parlour or the immediate family of the deceased.

What is the average cost of a funeral in France?

The average cost of a funeral in France is to date around 3350 € for burial and 3609 € for cremation, plus flowers, plus cost linked to the grave. Funeral cost is considered as a debt of the deceased. Will your heir be able to afford it?

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How much does a cremation cost in France?

The costs for burial in France (not embalmed) are approximately $4,500 including a 10-year grave rental. The costs for cremation and disposition of ashes in France are approximately $4,200 including 10-year niche rental.