Frequent question: What were the 2 phases of the French Revolution?

What are the phases of French Revolution?

The course continues by looking at the three key phases of the French Revolution: the Constitutional Monarchy, which lasted from the Storming of the Bastille to the Execution of Louis XVI (1789 – 1792), the Jacobin Republic and Thermidorian Regime (1792 – 1794), and the Directory (1795 and beyond).

What were two early phases of the French Revolution?

Our discussion will suggest that there were actually two revolutions, or two distinct stages within the Revolution: the moderate stage of 1789-1792, followed by the radical stage of 1792-1794 (see Lecture 13).

What was Phase 1 of the French Revolution?

The first stage of the French Revolution or the National Assembly stage, lasted from June 1789 until September of 1791. It happened spontaneously when the Third Estate- basically the urban and rural middle class- declared their independence with the Oath of the Tennis Court,on June 17, 1789.

What happened in Stage 2 of the French Revolution?

Phase 2 of the French Revolution. began a wave of killings in Paris from September 2 – 7, 1792. Over 1500 people were killed in Paris, including about 200 priests, hundreds of Swiss guards & many petty criminals.

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What was the moderate phase?

The moderate phase of the National Assembly (1789–1791) turned France into a constitu- tional monarchy. A radical phase (1792–1794) of escalating vio- lence led to the end of the monarchy and a Reign of Terror. There followed a period of reaction against extremism, known as the Directory (1795–1799).

What was the most important phase of the French Revolution?

National Convention, French Convention Nationale, assembly that governed France from September 20, 1792, until October 26, 1795, during the most critical period of the French Revolution.

What happened during the constitutional phase of the French Revolution?

Constitution of 1791, French constitution created by the National Assembly during the French Revolution. It retained the monarchy, but sovereignty effectively resided in the Legislative Assembly, which was elected by a system of indirect voting. The constitution lasted less than a year. …

What happened in Stage 3 of the French Revolution?

Phase III: “Second French Revolution,” 1792-4 Radical Phase

Leading group invokes an emergency strategy, democratic reforms deferred, they define “enemies of the revolution.”

What was the second stage of the French Revolution called?

The revolution’s second, radical phase lasted from August 10, 1792, until the fall of Maximilien Robespierre (1758–1794) on July 27, 1794.

When was the second stage of the French Revolution?

Revolutionary Process in Stages:

A good example in the French Revolution is the events leading up to the overthrow of the Constitutional Monarch on August 1792—often called the “Second Revolution”—and the establishment of the First French Republic.