Frequent question: What is the word of noir French?

Noir (or noire) is the French word for black.

What is the word Noire?

noun. : a person or thing strongly detested or avoided : bugbear.

What is noir in French feminine?

Word forms: Noir, Noire. masculine noun/feminine noun. (= homme) Black man. (= femme) Black woman.

Where did the word noir come from?

Film noir is not easily defined. The actual words come from French and mean “black cinema.” It was in France during the post-war years that the term was used to describe a certain set of Hollywood films that were saturated with a darkness and cynicism that was not seen before.

What is another word for noir?

Noir synonyms

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for noir, like: neo-noir, hardboiled, melodrama, giallo, thriller and bete.

What is the difference between noir and Noire?

‘Noir, noire’ *(adj) are forms of the French word for ‘black’. You use ‘noir’ when you are describing a masculine noun, and ‘noire’ when you describe a feminine noun. The plural forms are ‘noirs’ for masculine words, and ‘noires’ for the feminine words. All forms are pronounced identically.

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Does noir mean night?

Something that is black is of the darkest colour that there is, the colour of the sky at night when there is no light at all.

Is Noir a verb in French?

noir (col.)

Adjective trainer (Positive, comparison, adverbs)

What color is noir in English?

9. Noir — Black. In addition to the simple description of color, noir (pronunciation) can be a noun for a black person. Un noir thus means a black man and une noire is a black woman.

Is Noir masculine or feminine?

The French translation for “black (masculine)” is noir.

Is Cowboy Bebop a noir?

The one that stuck with me the most was Cowboy Bebop, a 1998 neo-noir space Western that takes place in 2071.

What is the plural of noir in French?

plural of noir. noirs [pl/m]