Frequent question: What is the word for B * * * * In French?

What does B * * * * mean in French?

[ˈbɪtʃ ] 1. (= dog) chienne f. very informal, offensive) salope f (very informal) ⧫ garce f.

What does BÉ mean in French?

Noun. bé m (plural béns) good.

What does LVDA mean French?

Q: What does #LVDA mean? A: It’s a long story.

What is bisous?

noun. X, x [noun] a mark used to represent a kiss, especially at the end of a letter.

How do you respond to Bisou?

How do you reply to Bisous? « A bientôt », « Bye », « Gros bisous » are all totally acceptable responses. No need to particularly acknowledge the « bisous » part.

How do you use bisous in French?

Bisous can say good-bye to a good friend (A demain! Bisous à toute la famille) as well at the end of a letter: Bisous, Gros bisous, Bisous aux enfants, etc. When saying good-bye on the phone, friends sometimes repeat it several times: Bisous, bisous, bisous! Bisous, tchao, bisous!

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