Frequent question: What is life like in Bordeaux France?

Are people from Bordeaux nice?

5. Bordeaux has great service and very friendly people. France is famous for the service that is far from great and some rude waiters (I have encountered that in many French cities, unfortunately). However, everybody in Bordeaux was so nice and welcoming, and the people were really nice and friendly.

Is Bordeaux France a safe city?

Bordeaux is a very safe city to visit, with a couple of dangers to be wary of, though like in many other cities in France, its safety has been mildly compromised during the last couple of years, due to numerous terrorist attacks.

Is Bordeaux a good city?

Bordeaux is a lovely city. But it doesn’t stop there. The region around Bordeaux is amazing and worth visiting too. There are many beautiful day trips that await.

Where should I live in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux’s Most Trendy Neighborhoods

  • Les Chartrons. Les Chartrons is without a doubt the most sought-after area for newcomers arriving in Bordeaux. …
  • Saint Michel. …
  • Bassins à Flots. …
  • Grand Hommes-Le Triangle d’Or-Quinconces. …
  • Vieux Bordeaux. …
  • La Bastide.
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Is Bordeaux safe at night?

Bordeaux is a fairly safe city, but you should employ common sense. Avoid wandering alone at night in the Gare St-Jean, Marché des Capucins and place de la Victoire areas. None of these areas are dangerous, but they can attract shady characters and feel unsavoury after dark.

Is Bordeaux a wealthy city?

Bordeaux is a city rich in gastronomy, wine, culture, art, leisure and much more. Known as an attractive city full of opportunities, Bordeaux is developing its culture more and more. Thus, the monuments of the “new capital” are always ready to welcome new visitors and share their history.

Does it rain a lot in Bordeaux?

Rainfall. On average it seems to rain close to half of the year in the Bordeaux region, although interspersed with beautiful sunshine and warmth. … With around 100mm of rain a month during December and January this goes down to 47mm for the month of July. So a lot less but still substantial.

Are there trams in Bordeaux?

The Bordeaux tramway network (French: Tramway de Bordeaux) consists of four lines serving the city of Bordeaux in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in southwestern France. The system has a route length of 77.5 kilometres (48.2 mi), serving a total of 133 tram stops.

Where should I stop between Bordeaux and Paris?

The top stops along the way from Paris to Bordeaux (with short detours) are Palace of Versailles, ZooParc de Beauval, and Château de Chenonceau. Other popular stops include Château de Chambord, Chartres Cathedral, and Château de Villandry.

Are there beaches in Bordeaux?

As mentioned, however, few know Bordeaux for its exquisite seaside destination: its beaches, overlooking not only the Atlantic Ocean but also rivers and lakes, offer tourists an excellent alternative to the French Riviera and, we’re sure, they’ll make you fall in love.

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Why you should go to Bordeaux?

Here are 10 reasons why Bordeaux is the perfect mini-break destination this year:

  • The architecture. Strolling the streets of Bordeaux. …
  • Wine, wine and more wine. …
  • Foodie heaven. …
  • Caneles. …
  • The water mirror. …
  • All about the arts. …
  • Saint-Émilion. …
  • Flea markets.

Which is better Lyon or Bordeaux?

Re: between Bordeaux and Lyon…? Bordeaux is more open spaced than Lyon, with the river and the docks. Lyon feels more dense. However Lyon has better restaurants (or at least a greater number of good restaurants), and has kept more of its medieval stone buildings than Bordeaux (which has some, just less).

Can you live in Bordeaux without speaking French?

Living in Bordeaux – summary

You shouldn’t find any real language barriers, as English is fairly common both in the city and the smaller local towns. That said, learning some French will take you far. In all, Bordeaux is a great place to live.

Where do expats live in Bordeaux?

Vieux Bordeaux is the historic old town, a cluster of neighbourhoods within the city’s traditional limits. It’s a very diverse area, well suited to expatriates interested in culture and architecture.

Where do American expats live in Bordeaux?

We’re Jennifer & Tim, two Americans expats who call Bordeaux, France home. We live right in the historic center in the quartier Hôtel de Ville – Quinconces of the city of Bordeaux. We’re experts on all things Bordeaux, from everything to see and do to the best places to eat, drink and stay.

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