Frequent question: What does TGL mean in French?

What does TGL stand for?

TGL Stands For : Touch And Go Landing.

What is lmao in French?

PK – PourKoi. English translation: why. PTDR – Pété de rire. English equivalent: LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off) SLT – SaLuT.

What does NRV mean in French?

nrv (énervé): annoyed.

What does ETT mean in French?

Definition. ETT. Entreprise de Travail Temporaire (French: Temporary Employment Agency)

What does TGL ex TGL mean?

“The petitioner belongs to the Tasa Tea community, which is recognized in the OBC (TGL) category. He applied for admission in the MBBS Medical Course for the year 2017 in the Tea Garden Labour/Ex-Tea Garden Labour (hereinafter referred to as the “TGL/Ex-TGL”) category for the 18 reserve seats.

What does TGL mean in Madden?

Team Get Lucky – it is the team name of Throne, the Madden player who made the strong close e-book.

Do the French say LOL?

Same. French uses onomatopoeic laughter variations much like those in English. It also, like many non-English languages, uses the universalized “LOL” to indicate laugher. But French also has a more delightful acronym: The French equivalent of LOL is MDR, which means “mort de rire,” or “dying of laughter.”

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How do you say bruh in French?

Translation of “bruh!” in French

Je suis fait pour ça, frère.

What does TKT mean in French?

Tqt/tkt (t’inquiète) : don’t worry.

What does koi mean in French?

Hi, if this is texting (as in a phone or some instant messaging) this is probably quoi -> which often translates as what. French.

What does WSH mean in French?

WSH, short for Wesh = “Hey”; “Yo” X, symbol for Bisous (or Bzou in texting slang), or for Je crois = “I believe”

What does JP mean in French?

[ˌdʒeɪˈpiː ] noun abbreviation. = Justice of the Peace.

What does PT mean in French?

[ˌpiːˈtiː ] noun abbreviation. (Britain) (= physical training) EPS f (= éducation physique et sportive)

What does NVM mean in French?

I once made the mistake of saying “nvm” (as in nevermind) in a group chat with French exchange students. They knew what I meant but found it funny because in French it stands for “niqua votre mère”.

What does HM mean in French?

abbreviation for. (= His Majesty) SM (= Her Majesty) SM.